September 22, 2020

The looks focus on a large electric as the possible cause of the fire in California (USA)

The looks focus on a large electric as the possible cause of the fire in California (USA)

Although investigations are still active and the cause of the gigantic and deadly fire burning in California (USA) has not been determined, all eyes are focused on the main electricity company in the area, which detected a just "problem" before the fire is declared.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) revealed to regulators last week that it found a "problem" in a high-voltage line near the area where the fire was declared only a few minutes before the flames began, but for the time being More details have transpired.

If found responsible for the fire that has claimed the lives of at least 63 people and in which more than 600 remain missing, according to the latest figures, the company may have to pay multimillion-dollar compensation that would most likely leave it in bankruptcy

The possibility of this scenario caused the company's shares to plummet during the last few days on the New York Stock Exchange, which led the California public regulator to suggest a hypothetical rescue of the company to alleviate the fears of investors.

"It would not be good if the supplier companies could not finance the services and infrastructures that the state of California needs," the president of the Public Services Commission of California, Michael Picker, said in a statement issued in the last few hours.

"(The companies) should enjoy stability and financial support to have the money they need at this time," the official added, which was read on Wall Street as a rescue guarantee in case of bankruptcy and revalued this Friday the value of PG & E in the stock market up to 40%.

Although the investigation is still open, a group of citizens affected by the fire named "Camp Fire" has already sued the electricity provider, which with more than five million subscribers is the largest in California and the second largest USA

The county of Butte, in the north of the state, announced yesterday a provisional figure of 63 dead by the conflagration that was declared 8 days ago, rising in the most lethal of the Californian history.

In addition, the number of missing persons skyrocketed to 631 from the 301 that had been reported only a few hours before, but the authorities themselves explained that the situation remains chaotic and that there may be individuals who have been counted two. times or that they are safe but could not be contacted.

The majority of the disappeared resided in the population of Paradise, of 26,000 inhabitants and that was completely engulfed by the flames.

The town is located in the foothills of the American Sierra Nevada, with a dry and sunny climate that has attracted many retirees in the last half century, which has caused the population to triple in fifty years.

Most of the people that appear on the missing list are over 60 years old.

According to the most recent calculations, the "Camp Fire" has burned a total of 10,321 buildings (8,650 of them private homes) and has razed 57,500 hectares, while firefighters have managed to contain it by 45%.

US President Donald Trump will visit California on Saturday to meet with some of those affected by this conflagration and the other great fire that burns in the south of the state, near Los Angeles.

What is known as "Woolsey Fire", which also burns for eight days, has claimed the lives of three people in an area that includes the cities of Malibu and Calabasas, has burned 39,800 hectares and the firefighters have it contained in a 69%

Last weekend, Trump unleashed a controversy by attributing the fires to "absolute mismanagement" by the Californian authorities and threatening to cancel future federal aid.

Despite this, the president declared the fires a "disaster of special gravity", which will offer the victims financial assistance from the federal government for accommodation, unemployment, legal expenses and psychological treatment.


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