August 5, 2021

The longest commercial flight in the world lands after traveling 16,700 kilometers between Singapore and New York | Economy

The longest commercial flight in the world lands after traveling 16,700 kilometers between Singapore and New York | Economy

Photo: A file image of an Airbus plane from Singapore Airlines. / Video: Singapore Airlines promotional announcement for the longest flight in the world. Reuters

A plane of the airline Singapore Airlines It started yesterday from Singapore, has traveled 16,700 kilometers to New York in just over 17 hours, becoming the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world. According to the airline's website, the plane left at 23.37 on Thursday from Singapore and landed at 5:26 am on Friday, local time, at the Newark International Airport, near New York.

"The longest flight in the world in the most awarded airline in the world returns, flying nonstop from Singapore to New York," the airline that uses the newly acquired Airbus A350-900ULR last generation on its Twitter account yesterday said. . According to the website specialized in air routes Flightradar24, which follows the operations in real time, the flight has lasted 17 hours and 25 minutes.

Flight SQ22 took off before midnight local time (six o'clock in the afternoon in Spain) from Changi airport in the city-state. It was expected that the full route, including takeoff and landing times, would be made in a maximum of 18 hours and 45 minutes to Newark in New York, although the plane has landed 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. The airplane of Singapore Airlines, with thirteen crew, has flown by the North route of the Pacific and through Alaska (the USA) and Canada before arriving at New York, although also other possible itineraries exist that happen through the North Pole and through Europe and the Atlantic.

The inaugural flight has created a great expectation, mainly among business men and women eager to avoid stopovers and among aviation lovers. With capacity for 161 passengers, 67 of them in the preferred class and another 94 in premium tourist, the device has more space and a special design to reduce the jet lag or jet lag. The passengers, who will save between 4 and 6 hours of travel if they do it with a stopover, will try a special menu for long trips and have access to a thousand hours of movies and television content, although there are also some criticisms.

"SQ (Singapore Airlines) confirms that there are no pajamas for the preferential class on the marathon flight of almost 19 hours at night between Singapore and New York, which seems strange to me – I am sure that a first class pajama set would have been welcome! ", said in a tweet the specialized website Australian Business Traveler.

In 2004, Singapore Airlines began covering the Singapore-New York route with Airbus A340-500s, but abandoned it in 2013 due to the high consumption of airplanes and the high price of fuel. However, the company now returns to this route thanks to the new generation of aircraft A350-900ULR (ultra-long-range or ultra long distance), much more efficient and lighter due to the use of high technology materials. The A350-900ULR, with reduced seats to increase its flight capacity, can fly a maximum of 17,900 kilometers or 20 hours without a stopover.

In the opinion of Bertrand Saillet, director in Asia of the flight agency FCM Travel Solutions, there will be more and more long-haul flights, but they will be more aimed at business trips, and will be parallel to flights with stopovers that are generally cheaper and cheaper. Affordable for the economy class. In addition, the expert pointed out that, with current technology, it does not seem that there will be much larger flights without scale than this one and that other faster planes, such as supersonic ones, will be used instead to reduce the time of the routes.

In principle, Singapore Airlines will cover the Singapore-New York route three days a week and from October 18 the periodicity will be daily. Current prices, one way, range from at least 3,000 Singaporean dollars (about 1,800 euros) in premium tourist to at least 6,000 Singaporean dollars (about 3,700 euros) in preferential class.

So far, the longest flight currently operating in the world was that of the Qatari airline Qatar Airways, that connects Doha with the New Zealand city of Auckland, a distance of 14,200 kilometers that covers in 17 hours and 15 minutes. In the past there were flights of greater distance and duration, such as a Boeing of the Pakistan airlines, which traveled the distance between Hong Kong and London (21,601 kilometers) in 22 hours.


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