July 29, 2021

The longest bridge in the world, built with stainless steel from Ponferrada

The longest bridge in the world, built with stainless steel from Ponferrada


The Spanish group Acerinox has supplied 3,000 tons of steel stainless steel for the construction of the new bridge between Hong Kong and Macao, recently inaugurated and the longest in the world with 55 kilometers (35 of them on the sea), and which is a colossal engineering work in which kilometers of highways are interspersed with tunnels on four artificial islands built on the sea.

Acerinox sold corrugated round steel for this work, a type of stainless steel designed to meet needs in the construction sector, which was manufactured at the Roldán plant (Ponferrada, León), Acerinox subsidiary specializing in long products.

Also from Roldán, Acerinox supplied corrugated wire from stainless steel for the construction of other large bridges as the Queensferry (between Edinburgh and the north of Scotland), 2.7 kilometers long by almost 40 meters wide, which in 2016 became the longest central tower-stayed bridge in the world and the highest in the Kingdom United.

The stainless steel It is the ideal material for construction in areas near the sea, or in contact with salt water, for its resistance to chloride corrosion, which does not lose any of its properties as it happens to other conventional steels, which are losing section over time.

Acerinox supplies the best stainless steel available in the market in more than eighty countries thanks to production plants in four continents and an extensive commercial network, which has led it to sell its product in many other emblematic works of the world, such as the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the One World Trade Center in New York, the Cepsa Tower in Madrid and the Champlain Bridge in Canada, among other.


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