The long march to green real estate

When the pandemic forced them (and, in some cases, continues to force them) to spend weeks in a row in their homes, the Spanish looked around and, in many cases, they did not like what they saw. Defects that were tolerable when the house is practically a place only to sleep become insufferable when you have to live, eat, study and work one day after another within four walls. “I think we have all realized in these times of pandemic that our houses are uncomfortable. Not so unhealthy, but uncomfortable,” says Óscar del Río, CEO of Knauf Insulation Iberia. Normal that, when the restrictions were finally relaxed, those who could afford it changed what they did not like. “In July, our demand was 50% higher than in the same month last year,” explains Isabel Alonso de Armas, Habitissimo’s Director of Strategic Alliances.

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