April 22, 2021

The long lights with Marcelo | sports

The long lights with Marcelo | sports

The open window. Real Madrid changed as if by magic. There was a closed atmosphere and the window was opened by Vinicius, to let in the hurricane wind of youthful enthusiasm. The warm sun of the class represented by Benzema also came through, this time with a renewed light. A lot of literature, I know, but I'm not to blame for each player bringing their own metaphors. The truth is that the contagion aired the entire team, which today looks supportive, energetic, safe. We are not going to downplay the physical resurrection of key players, but "miracles are beloved sons of faith" (Stefan Zweig), so that the accent must be placed on that disparagement of talent that is trust. The truth is that the team that needed a revolution, it was enough for a child to open the window so that the coach had headlines.

The window they want to close. We exaggerate the present to ridiculous limits. The instants are measured. Marcelo came to Madrid as a child to fill the nostalgia of a crack like Roberto Carlos. In ten years he grew up to become the best left-back in the world. He did it pure football. He lacked defensive rigor even in the paint, but he takes the ball from behind with clarity, waves the game in the middle of the field and in the last thirty meters unbalances, to vicious ends, for technical virtuosity, clairvoyance and class. In the classic was condemned to return too relaxed to take his place in the goal of Barcelona and the error was upgraded to category. They want to retire at the best age of their career: on the verge of thirty. The force of the impact has more weight than the trajectory for the impatient public opinion. Luckily, in this case, Solari puts the lights on.

A dramatic game. Messi leaves the field for a few minutes against Valencia and takes all the looks, also those of the television eye. They massage his leg to relieve the pain of a blow and the future of the club is suspended at that moment. There is fear and there are plenty of reasons. Everyone knows, with the corresponding anguish, that without Messi it is easier to fall two large chips of the present (King's Cup and Champions) that would shatter the future. How fragile are soccer teams and not only in regards to a big team and a genius. It is enough that Celta lacks Iago Aspas so that in five matches his European aspirations will fall, fall to the relegation zone and celebrate a mid-season triumph as if it were a title. Who wants to live quietly forget football.

And it can only get worse. Everything conspires against predictability: there are emotional peaks, luck intervenes, arbitrators are wrong … As if they were few variables, new elements arrive, such as fatigue and distractions, for more uncertainties. The two things are driven by the business, which milks the players on and off the pitch. Inside, playing a game every three days; outside, activating the marketing. It is impossible to ask for regularity playing at all times and squeezing the image of the players. We must add travel, social commitments, attention to journalists … Who does not affect that tute is a superhero. The fans are disconcerted when a very good match is followed by another bad one. Then we explain it from the tactical, technical and psychological. But first of all weighs the physical and mental overload, a plague that infects the game and scam the amateur, who every day pays more to see a worse show.

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