July 11, 2020

The "Logos Hope", the largest floating bookstore in the world, opens to the public in Ecuador

Logos Hope, considered the "largest floating bookstore in the world", opened its doors to the public in Ecuador today after having arrived last Wednesday at the port of the city of Manta (west).

Operated by the German Christian charity GBA and with a crew of around 400 people, including staff and volunteers from up to 60 countries, the boat whose predecessors were vehicle transport ferries, has become a novelty in the Ecuadorian port.

"The experience is very vivid," one of his visitors, Luis Tapia, told Efe, referring to the multiculturalism of his crew and the books.

The floating library will receive "all lovers of reading, a unique opportunity to share with family and learn about new cultures," Luis Alfredo Ortiz, Port Authority manager, wrote in his Twitter profile.

The floating library it can host up to 800 visitors and has a capacity for an additional 500 at its Teatro Esperanza and the Logos Lounge.

But Its main attraction, in addition to its impressive cover, are the 5,000 different volumes that it treasures about Christian education and liturgical books, as well as representations of the life of Christ.

The Logos Hope has sailed through the waters of Asia, America, Africa and Europe, receiving millions of visits.

Before Logos Hope, the Logos, Logos II and Doulos ships were created, whose world route began in 1970.

"When I entered, I realized that there was not much difference with a common library, but I liked that the prices were given by points," added Tapia.

For her part, Sara Zambrano, another tourist from Manta, said she had "a beautiful experience because she had never been to a floating library".

"It has been very nice to experiment with so many books and the difference with others is the content since many of them talk about God," he concluded.



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