Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The logistics sector, with problems to attract skilled labor

The logistics sector, with problems to attract skilled labor

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Despite the continued growth of electronic commerce, companies in the logistics sector in Europe have problems finding qualified workers. According to the study "The Importance of Labor in the European Logistics Sector", to which ABC has had access, carried out by the logistic promoter Mountpark and the investment fund Usaa Real State, the search and retention of skilled labor is has become the biggest challenge for logistics companies of the Old Container. This shortage of labor ranges from truck drivers, warehouse workers to positions of responsibility in the management of the supply chain.

Although the study covers European countries as a whole, Spain does not escape this problem. Sources of the sector point out that in spite of the fact that in our country there is still a considerable quota of unemployment, 14.45% according to the last EPA, the companies that settle in Spain have difficulty contracting according to the zone where they are established. Specifically, they explain that there are locations where the companies have joined because the sectoral agreement of that autonomous community It is more favorable to save personnel costs. A matter not trivial, since it is estimated that, on average, companies allocate almost 25% of your expenses in its workers.

However, despite this savings strategy, the same sources tell this newspaper that being in these locations can hinder hiring because it is less attractive for the worker. Thus, they advise companies to establish themselves in municipalities where logistics is less developed and labor supply is more available.

In addition, the study explains that automation and robotization are changing the rules, replacing human labor by robots. He points out that if in 2017 the world sale of industrial robots was 380,550 units, it is expected that by 2020 the 3 million will be exceeded. They also advise investing in their ships to make them more sustainable. The professionals of the sector assure that thanks to the energetic efficiency has managed to improve the catchment, retention and productivity of the employees and reduce his absenteeism.

Last Mille

One of the positions most demanded by companies in Spain is the dealer of the so-called last mile, that is, the section that goes from the store to the final destination. According to Francisco Aranda, general secretary of the UNO employers' profile is changing dramatically. Companies demand a professional with knowledge of digitization, marketing and not a simple delivery person ».


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