The logistics employers criticize the VTC that send packages: “They do not work in our same framework”

The president of the logistics association UNO, Francisco Aranda, has criticized companies that send parcels and do so outside the regulatory framework of the sector. Without naming any specific company, although in recent months some VTCs have launched to distribute goods in the trunks of cars with the approval of the CNMC, Aranda explained that the sector faces the challenge of adjusting a common regulatory framework . “Now it is more important because projects are beginning to enter that are not working in the framework that we do,” he referred to at the beginning of the logistics days organized by UNO. In addition, he commented that “there are players who complain about a rigid framework and many costs. Welcome, the law is like that and we have been working and creating jobs in this way for years. It has also urged those companies operating outside the sector to change the rules through social dialogue so that there is fair competition. About last year, Aranda celebrated that despite the difficulties, the sector was able to maintain the supply chain, and that it has managed to adapt to changes in consumers. «During this year logistics has undergone an important development. What was foreseen for five years has been done in a few months. And it has happened because if it did not collapse, “he said. For Aranda, there has been the greatest change in consumers in the last fifty years and that now there are products, such as wine, that have gained strength in this channel. However, last year electronic commerce grew 30% in sales, but B2B commerce (between companies) decreased more than 40%. For this year, Aranda expects online commerce to grow 12% while B2B will depend on how industries are reorganized. In labor matters, Aranda explained that logistics could reach one million jobs with all the challenges that lie ahead, where digitization stands out. “But we need that the administrations do not put more taxes and yes a regulation to work”, has sentenced. .

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