April 10, 2021

The Lliure adduces ethical reasons to cancel a work by Fabre | Culture

The Lliure adduces ethical reasons to cancel a work by Fabre | Culture

The new director of the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona, Juan Carlos Martel, had already warned: if not prevented by contractual reasons cancel the marathon and transgressor show Mount Olympus of Jan Fabre, Belgian creator accused by several members of his company of sexual harassment. That has been one of his first measures, announced yesterday. Finally, the work, which was scheduled for June 15, will not be represented.

The Lliure announced yesterday that the governing body of the theater has approved the cancellation at the proposal of Martel. The measure is justified "in accordance with the programmatic lines included in the project of the new direction, expressed in the will of a theater in which the redistribution of resources and the conception of a change of social model can be carried out in the most ethical artistic manner. and humanely. " The amount of tickets sold will be returned in the coming days.

Actually, for the new direction of the Lliure was a real hot potato to have programmed Fabre, a creator who lives a similar case, saving the distances, to the previous director of the Catalan theater, Lluís Pasqual, accused of mistreatment by an actress. The new ideology that Martel has set in motion, obsessed with controlling spending (Mount Olympus it is an expensive international spectacle), with the social dimension of the Lliure, with the internal appeasement and the flight from the conflict, and with marking distances from Pasqual (who was the one who programmed Fabre), made it impossible for the provocateur and questioned Belgian to continue in the programming, unless withdrawing it would cause legal problems and too serious a financial bias.

However, Martel, in his eagerness to satisfy the sectors that have led to the departure of Pasqual, may find that there are people who do not share the punishment of a theater director whose case has not yet been pronounced the justice of his country. Several European directors have already warned that in the Fabre case, as in all, the presumption of innocence must be respected. It would also have to take into account the viewers who wanted to see the work.

The Government Board of the Lliure approved yesterday also other measures in line with the project of Martel. Among them, establish limits to the remuneration charged by the creators involved in the creations of the Lliure programming. The march of Pasqual has not prevented that it continues being criticized from different instances his salary. The new address of the Lliure has also announced that from now on will publish the information of the annual accounts of the theater, "including the salaries, allowances and indemnities of their managerial positions".


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