Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The "little apartment" of Nero is reborn from the ashes

The "little apartment" of Nero is reborn from the ashes

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Nero liked to think big. It seems obvious, but we explain ourselves. Think that a real estate agent offers you a house of 800 square meters, all marble and decorated stuccos. For living / dining room -or triclinium, as the ancient Romans would say-, a space with columns so extremely large that it served as a theater. And by garden or nympho, not to abandon the proper vocabulary, some spectacular bathrooms with capacity for 50 guests. Of postín, it is understood. The location is fabulous: from the top of the Palatine you can see the whole city. No noise and in the center of Rome. Luminous is not much, because it is currently buried. But it is enough to leave by a ladder and appreciate the intense blue of the sky that contrasts as in no other place with the stone of the Roman Forums. While today his young contemporaries would dream of being able to pay a thousandth of the rent that a house like this would cost, for our beloved emperor it was only a place of passage. He called it the Transitory Domus, because from there he could travel from the Palatine Hill to the Esquiline, two of the famous seven hills that crowned Ancient Rome. Better not to ask for a budget, but after ten years of restoration, from today you can visit and see it in detail through virtual reality glasses. The websites of real estate ads have not yet reached much. The experiment has already been carried out for some time in the Domus Aurea, the real mansion dreamed by the last of the Julio-Claudia. Coincidentally, in the year 64 there was a great fire in Rome that devastated the city. History is as trite as the myths that surround it. It is said that the emperor invited a bar to the worst kind of Suburra, the marginal neighborhood par excellence, and urged them to provoke the flames while he played the lyre. Also that it served to retaliate the first Christians, already persecuted then. If today such a story would not find guilty, let's think about the gossip of almost 2,000 years. The truth is that the magnificent fire allowed Nero to forget the Transitory Domus and raise the Golden Domus, his definitive palace. It is evident that property corruption has not been invented yesterday. Everything offered by the first apartment is nothing compared to the 50 hectares through which its properties were scattered. Including the famous Colossus of Nero, a bronze statue of about 30 meters, which was then placed in front of the Flavian Amphitheater, which everyone began to call Colosseum. The emperor's vanity took its toll. Rome celebrated his death just four years after building his new home. His memory was erased, but if you visit Rome this Holy Week, you can now see his rooms.


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