The Literary Cabinet becomes'chilango' for 'The Ambassador' - The Province

The Literary Cabinet becomes'chilango' for 'The Ambassador' - The Province

The noise of a braking is followed, immediately, a quarrel in a strange language. The outbursts, which sound resounding in that foreign language, accompany a delegation that, in addition to facing the driver of an eye-catching 4x4, raffle a small motorcycle in a pedestrian crossing of General Bravo Street before facing its triumphal entry into the Literary Cabinet. Another cry, then, makes sense at the moment: "Cut! Well done!" ("cut, well done", in English), is heard from the lobby of the building and, suddenly, a large number of operators runs in all directions to protect the actors from the rain, relocate the extras or help the cameras to return to their posts. The scene is part of the filming of The Ambassador ( The Embassador), a Swedish series that during the morning of yesterday gave character chilango - Colloquial gentility used for the inhabitants of Mexico City - to the Literary Cabinet.

The Embassador is an international production, under the control of Nent Group -company that has just sold in the United States the rights of Veni, Vidi, Vici to Lionsgate-, of which three versions will be shot: one Swedish, one Norwegian and one Danish. The plot of the series counts as a lucrative arms sales agreement can be broken by the ambition of an egocentric ambassador from a Nordic country in Mexico City who, convinced that the contract will push him to occupy the same post in Washington DC ( United States), meets the uncomfortable questions of the local press.

To shape the life of the Nordic diplomat in Mexico City, the producers of The Embassador They have chosen several locations in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After becoming a casino in Casablanca in which Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play spies during the Second World War in Allies and after transforming into a dark reformatory in which Uma Thurman and AnnaSophia Robb coexist in Blackwood, the Literary Cabinet was for a few hours a manor house in the Mexican capital where a cocktail was held in favor of the fight against cervical cancer and in which a Mexican minister offered a reception.

The series, written by Patrik Ehrnst and that will be released next year, will consist of ten episodes and appears as one of the great bets of Nent Group. "It's our first original production," Jakob Mejlhede Andersen, director of content at the company, said a few months ago before explaining that "it's a local narration with unlimited ambition: a super-sharp script made even more relevant by three tones and textures. . The Embassador is the first original Nent Group series with dedicated versions in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, which shows both the potential of the format and our commitment to create content that resonates in all audiences"


The actor Swedish ambassador Mikal Tornving, who has a solid career in his country after highlighting the series Parlament and play the role of Patrik Agrell in the films about Johan Falk. Along with Tornving also appear in the cast Happy Jankell ( A Moon of My Own), Fredrik Hallgren ( The Bonus Family), Anna Gunnarsson ( Partaj) and Emil Almén ( Gåsmamman / Mother Goose).

In January, from the Cabildo of Gran Canaria it was pointed out that the portfolio of audiovisual productions on the Island throughout this 2019 included, for the moment, one film and three international television series, two national series and several animation projects - among which the production of one season of the series Pocoyo-

Throughout the first months of the year, Gran Canaria hosted the filming of several scenes of the first season of the series The Witcher, a production that counts with the participation of Henry Cavill and that Netflix will premiere at the end of 2019.


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