The lists of the PSOE to the City Council and Community of Madrid, still pending the Ferraz filter

The candidates for the mayor's office and the Community are clear, Pepu Hernández - elected last March 9 in primaries - and Angel Gabilondo, respectively. But it is still pending to draw up the list of candidates for councilors and deputies to the Madrid Assembly that will accompany them.

Although initially the federal leadership of the PSOE had to approve in the Federal Committee on Sunday the list to the Assembly of Madrid, finally gave more time to the Madrilenian federation to immerse in the processes of preparation of candidacies, which they were inevitably affected by the primaries to elect the mayoral candidate, a process that always puts the party in tension.

This week the groups of militants vote in different assemblies for names. Listening to the bases the provincial directorate usually makes a list that is then voted on in the Province Committee, before the latter submits the proposal to Ferraz.

This is about non-binding proposals, since the Federal Commission of Lists, controlled by those related to Pedro Sánchez, has the power, together with the Federal Committee, to modify the plates proposed by the lower organs.

In fact, Ferraz changed the list proposed by Madrid for the Senate on Sunday, replacing Modesto Nolla at the last minute by the historic UGT leader Toni Ferrer, current Secretary of State for Employment and member of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez in the PSOE. It remains to be seen if Nolla is now relocated to the Madrid Assembly.

The lists to the municipal and autonomic ones have to be closed in any case before the middle of April, when they will have to appear formally before the electoral board.


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