The list of risk users that Twitter protects from 'trolls'

Twitter offers additional protection to users most at risk of being targeted by trolls and stalkers through an internal program called Project 'Guardian' that prioritizes the work of moderation.

Project 'Guardian' It is an internal tool, and until now unknown, of the platform in which the most prominent users are included more or less permanently, not necessarily celebrities, who, due to their profile, are exposed to more malicious activity or harassment. That is, those who are famous or who for some specific event they become famous From overnight.

The tool offers an additional level of protection through moderation teams. As detailed in Bloomberg, when a publication related to protected users is marked, it acquires priority in review with respect to the rest of users.

It is a resource to remove potentially harmful and abusive content with a greater chance of going viral more quickly. Too protect user experience included in the program, so that they continue to use the platform without major harassment problems.

The Vice President of the Twitter Services Organization, Katrina Lane, who manages the 'Guardian' Project, has confirmed the existence of this internal program and has ensured that it uses the same techniques that protect the rest of the service user.

The program protects thousands of users, journalists, politicians, artists, who in general do not know that they have been included in it. It also protects non-famous users or even workers of the technology company, as the head of Twitter Integrity, Yoel Roth, has qualified.

According to sources familiar with this program, Project 'Guardian' has been in operation for at least a couple of years, although it is unknown if there was a specific event that motivated its creation.


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