Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

The list of Demòcrates per Andorra wins the General Council elections

La lista de Demòcrates per Andorra gana las elecciones al Consell General

The candidate of Demòcrates per Andorra, Xavier Espot, he rose this Sunday with lto victory in general elections to the General Council held in the Principality. The leader of the Partit Socialdemòcrata, Pere Lopez, who has experienced a great increase in votes and percentage, but to govern, should reach agreements with two center-right parties, the Liberals d'Andorra, Jordi Gallardo and the Third Way, Josep Pintat.

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The electoral recount was a duel in which Demòcrates won but with PS on his heels. With the scrutiny at levels of 50%, the prospections indicated a new absolute majority for Demòcrates, with up to 16 seats, for the more than probable alliance that it would obtain with the group of Ciutadans Compromesos, which took the two seats from the parish list of La Massana

Xavier Espot

Demòcrates clearly won the territorial seats in Canillo and Ordino

Demòcrates clearly won the territorial seats in Canillo and Ordino, but he had many problems in Andorra la Vella, Escaldes Engordany and Encamp, where the alliance between PS and L'A overtook him at times. The Social Democrats could tie with five seats with the winning list and the rest would go to Liberals d'Andorra and Third Way, which won without problems in Sant Julià de Lòria, where their leader lives Josep Pintat. The liberals of Jordi Gallardo would have obtained at least two territorial seats in the capital and in Escaldes.

No options

The options of Andorra Sobirana, led by Eusebi Nomen, and Progressistes-SDP, by Josep Roig, have not obtained any representative in the General Council

The options of Andorra Sobirana, headed by Eusebi Nomen, and of Progressistes-SDP, by Josep Roig, did not get any representative in the General Council and during the count they maintained a duel over who occupied the fifth place in the scrutiny of the national list , which was for the social democrat. Finally, the candidate of Units in Progres d'Andorra, Alfons Clavera, probably the most rightist option, since in recent days he has filed a complaint with the Andorran Prosecutor's Office against Demòcrtates' proposal on abortion. Clavera believes that the proposal to assist Andorran women who can abort abroad is "unconstitutional."

With respect to 2015

The participation has been 68.32%, 2.7% more than in the elections of 2015

The day was developed without outstanding problems and only tails were formed especially in Andorra la Vella and Escaldes. Voter turnout increased by 2.7%, slightly higher than the last communal elections, something that according to the minister spokesman, Jordi Cinca, "supposes to restrain the political disaffection".

Participation has grown in all the parishes, but the most notable increases are produced mainly in the most populated ones, such as Escaldes-Engordany, where it approached 5% (4.95%) or Andorra la Vella, with a 3.96 %. In the rest of the parishes, participation increased by more than 1 percent, except for Sant Julià de Lòria, Josep Pintat's fiefdom, where it only increased by 0.26%.

It should be noted that about a quarter of voters (26.18%) took the so-called judicial vote. The voters have the right to deposit their vote in advance before the Batlle (judge) of their demarcation. This mode is chosen by those who take advantage of the election day to march and has grown more than three percent over 2015. Only 128 Andorrans chose to vote by postal mail.

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