March 7, 2021

"The Lion King" does not convince critics

Rotten Tomatoes It is a page that brings together reviews of experts, critics and journalists on the latest releases of the billboard; the opinions of older feature films are also there, but it usually serves as a preliminary step for the most undecided in order to see if a premiere is worth it or not. "The Lion King" it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year (everything that is in the hands of Disney is usually meat of craving on the part of the spectators), but Rotten Tomatoes has taken charge of cooling the moods just a week after its official departure.

The "Tomatometer" (the meter that indicates the success or defenestro of a film) gives Simba, Mufasa and Scar a 57% out of a total of 100, what is known as an approved scraping, colloquially. In addition, critical specialists dedicate words not too welcoming; David Ehrlich, from indieWire, writes in the portal that "it is well created but it reflects a self-portrait of creative laziness of a studio eating its own tail"; Mara Reinstein, from Us Weekly, argues that "despite all the visual majesty it presents, that mystical uniqueness of the original 1994 is far from where the light shines (for special effects)"; Y Bilge Ebiri, from New York Magazine, explains that "it is an exciting reminder of what can be achieved with all the talent (and money) of the world, at the same time as a cautious story that illustrates what can happen when there is no vision that unites all the elements" .

As you can see the criticism has not been especially kind to the resurrection of "The Lion King". The film will debut next July 19 in Spain; go to its premiere to release the lagrimilla and to leave doubts about if it is as bad as they paint it seems essential.

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