October 23, 2020

‘The Lion King’ canceled until March and the musical ‘Anastasia’ closes permanently

The musical of ‘The Lion King’

The functions of ‘The Lion King’ at the Lope de Vega Theater in Madrid have been canceled until next March while the musical ‘Anastasia’ at the Coliseum theater in Madrid will close definitively Due to the “uncertainty” about the evolution of the Covid-19.

In a statement, Stage Entertainment has announced the cancellation of the performances of ‘The Lion King’, one of the most watched musicals that attracts a large number of tourists to the capital, until February 28, 2021 included.

Furthermore, the musical ‘Anastasia’, based on the 1997 animated film of the same name, has been definitively canceled “for production and scheduling reasons“, so that it will not be able to be programmed again in the Coliseum theater in Madrid.

Stage Entertainment has indicated that viewers affected by these cancellations will receive an email informing them about how to change the date in their localities, which will be encouraged with a gift voucher for each ticket that is changed, to be able to consume in the bars or in merchandising products of the musical.

Likewise, the spectators of the musical ‘Anastasia’ who wish can exchange their tickets for others of the musical ‘The Lion King’ at no additional cost.


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