September 21, 2020

The light returns to Manhattan after a blackout affected 72,000 customers, the subway and the theaters

The light returned to Manhattan after a power cut in New York that lasted about four hours and left on Saturday to 72,000 unlit customers, affecting the western area of ​​the Big Apple and landmarks such as Times Square, with scenes of restlessness among citizens because metro lines and theaters came to a standstill.

The blackout, which occurred after 8:00 pm, local time, (00:00 GMT Sunday), in addition to affecting the normal functioning of the subway, left many citizens trapped in elevators and even part of the busy Times Square was left without its usual luminous. The traffic lights did not work either.

The stores had to close and the Broadway shows did not continue as most of the theaters canceled their performances, including the singer Jennifer Lopez's show at Madison Square Garden.

The energy company Con Edison initially reported that some 42,000 customers were without electricity, a figure that later rose to 72,000, especially on the west side of Manhattan.

The Fire Department said on Twitter that the power failure extended from 72nd Street to 40th West and from Fifth Avenue to the Hudson River.

After more than three hours of the blackout, the electric current gradually recovered and by midnight Con Edison reported on Twitter that the service was normalized.

From the City of New York it was informed at first that the metro lines A, C, F, D and M were mainly affected.

Subsequently, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority finally said that the entire system is "affected" and that there was only a limited service on lines 1, 2 and 3 on the west side; lines 4, 5 and 6 on the east side; and line 7 between Manhattan and Queens.

On the origin of the incident, the Fire Department cited a transformer fire west of 64th Street. There was also "smoke in several buildings" on the west side, the department said, and was responding to "numerous" cases of people trapped in elevators.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was caught by the presidential campaign blackout in Iowa and from there spoke of a "mechanical problem" in the power supply system. Some politicians have criticized his absence at the time of the event.

John McAvoy, the president of Con Edison, also told a news conference that the supply failures were apparently due to a substation problem, which was later identified as being located on West 49th Street.

The circumstance occurs that this blackout has happened on the same date as the great blackout of 1977, when York Moves sank into darkness. Today has been a day of intense heat, so that electricity consumption is triggered by air conditioners.

Police asked drivers Saturday night to avoid the area between 42nd and 74th streets west, between Fifth and Doce Avenues.

At intersections, police and civilians worked together to direct traffic, while fire trucks and ambulances did their work.

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