April 20, 2021

The light in 2018 was more expensive than in 2017

The light in 2018 was more expensive than in 2017

The price of electric power closed 2018 in the highest price reached since 2008, according to the progress of the Spanish electricity system carried out by Red Eléctrica (REE). The cost of the megawatt / hour reached 64.4 euros, pushing the receipt of light strongly upwards. In September Last year, the highest final average price of the year was reached, touching 80 euros MW / h. As is traditional, nuclear generation remained the main source of electricity supply during 2018, with the 20.6% of production. On the other hand, Wind power was consolidated as the second generation technology, with 19%, after an increase of 2.9% with respect to 2017. In total, the weight of renewables in the "mix" of electricity generation was 2018 of a 40.1%, compared to 33.7% that represented in 2017. This rise was caused largely by the excellent hydraulic year. Hydraulic production grew by 84.8% compared to 2017.

The producible hydraulic recorded the highest value of the last four years, 37,386 GWh according to provisional data, 28% higher than the historical average value and 134% higher than that registered in 2017. The hydroelectric reserves of the reservoirs as a whole ended 2018 with a filling level of 44.1% of its total capacity.


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