The 'Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino' expands its offer for the last months of its third edition

The 'Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino' expands its offer for the last months of its third edition

The 'Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino' expands its offer for the last months of its third edition

The third edition of the Canarian League of Esports HiperDino presents news in the last part of the season, with new competition formats, more content and free tournaments until the end of July. It will end with three live broadcasts and a prize pool of more than 2,400 euros.

Likewise, and to provide greater dynamism, the usual two-and-a-half-month division, known as split 4, for two formats of major championships focused on providing greater professional value to the competition DinoMasters Y DinoSeries.

The DinoMasters constitute a complementary competitive circuit that will deal with two of the most representative games of the Archipelago: Tekken 7 Y Fortnite.

Through four qualifying matches, players will be able to obtain their place in the final phase, which will feature an online event and a prize pool of 400 euros per game. Anyone interested can check the schedules and register for the qualifiers that have already started to take place on the league's website.

For their part, DinoSeries are a competition system that gives teams of League of Legendsregardless of which division they play in, the chance to proclaim themselves the overall winners of the season.

For this, different rounds are organized, matching the participants according to their position and the points acquired during the last months. The activity will start next Monday, June 21. Those who manage to overcome the rounds will be able to play the grand final, which will be held as an online event and whose prize pool amounts to 1,600 euros.

These days of confrontations will be skipped by the four highest ranked teams in the first division, which already have a guaranteed place in the final round of the DinoSeries: Bot Gap, Solar Flare City of Tacoronte, LFT for club Y LGA Esports. The latter is also the champion of the playoffs of split 3 from League of Legends, which were played on June 5 and 6.

Activities and content for all audiences

The Canarian League of Esports HiperDino expands its varied offering with the weekly launch of new open cups of the most demanded games of the moment. Short tournaments, with independent prizes and open to players of any level.

Will continue to bet on the feedback direct with users through crowdgaming, a system that allows the organization of LCES know what games and tournaments they propose to incorporate.

Meanwhile, on the channel of Twitch of the league,, the daily broadcasts are expanded with different content and influencers.

In addition, improvements continue to be made in City stall, the Canarian server of Grand theft auto v created by Canarian League of Esports HiperDino, with the production of the community of, Diario de Avisos and Las Palmas Unity. This initiative already brings together more than 600 participants from all over the Archipelago, among which are the comedian Kike Pérez or the former professional player of esports Yeray DriD Gonzalez.


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