May 26, 2020

The life lesson of a 24-year-old swimmer who defeats cancer – La Provincia

The swimmer Cata Run (Inca, Baleares, 1995) see the light again at the end of the tunnel after being operated for the second time successfully , just over a month ago, of a brain tumor. The Majorcan, Gold at the 2018 Mediterranean Games in the 400 meter styleHe has already suffered at his young age what many will not even experience throughout his life. With a positive attitude towards life and an improper fortitude for someone his age, Cata points to the future with hope: "Having gone through this situation has made me much stronger. If the tumor has not been able to do it with me twice, I think I am prepared for anything that comes in my life.".

The Inquera of 24 years, with a pavilion in his city that bears his name, is one of the great promises of the Balearic swimming. Scholarship for many years by the Spanish Federation in the CAR of Sant Cugat, trains and competes in the CN Sabadell, although for the moment, it is taken calmly. "I have swum again a little, but very controlled by the coach and the club, who do not want to happen to me. You have to take it easy and be aware that the body should not go faster than it can", reflect. Medical student, he still does not know in which field he will specialize, although it is clear that it will be "something related to surgery".

More than a month has passed since the intervention and Cata Corró is focused on recovering and continuing with his studies. He admits that there is no deadline for competing again, although he acknowledges that the first thing he did when he arrived in Barcelona was to go see his teammates: "All I wanted was to see them swim. It was more to have the feeling that I was returning to my natural environment, even if I couldn't do it.".

Now his diagnosis is much more favorable than after the first operation: "Although I have left 1% of the tumor inside when being near an artery, the doctor has told me that there is a 90% chance that they will not have to operate again. That 1% is much more hopeful than the first time , when they left 5% when a complication happened in the intervention ".

His nightmare began just over two years ago. After suffer from dizziness in the pool and epilepsy episodes, the doctors, after performing endless tests, revealed the hard diagnosis. Cata had a brain tumor. "After finding the problem, they operated on me after two weeks. At that time I was not really aware that it was a very serious operation until I had to recover.", remember.

And the doctors advised Cata that wait at least one year to return to the pools. But she, who has proven to be made of another paste, succeeded in just three months: "I knew that I was not going to recover psychologically until I swam again. I have to admit that on the first day I could only swim 10 meters exactly. Thanks to how I am and how my parents have educated me I was able to return to the water before".

A year later he participated in the Mediterranean Games 2018 and Cata achieved the unimaginable, win the gold in the 400 meters styles, imposing favorites like Mireia Belmonte, Olympic champion, and beating the record of the modality in this competition: "Neither I nor my coach expected to get something like that. I had trained differently, very hard, but we didn't think we could get to that level. It was very nice and we cried a lot to achieve it. I did well to get to swim as soon as possible".

Despite looking like he had left it behind, this year Cata was aware that something "was not right" in his body. The swimmer saw how the number of epileptic seizures of absence increased more and more and tried to remedy it, her body "did not respond" as she wanted: "We knew something was wrong." A review in September revealed what Cata already suspected, although this time her reaction was "very different" at the first time. The tumor had grown again and had to go through the operating room again. "It has taken me much longer to assume it. I have had a lot of fear and anguish because what I was facing was not just a high-risk operation, but to have to go through the same thing again"he points out.

"When they gave me the news, it's as if your whole world and everything you know escapes your hands. You can't control anything and it destroys your life", it states. This is where two very important figures come into your life, Alex Lopez, his coach, and his best friend, the Olympic swimmer Judit Ignacio, two of the major supports of the Mallorcan in recent months. "Apart from my family, they have helped me to handle the situation. I have to admit that this time I could hardly get up. I had a very bad time, to the point of questioning whether I was suffering from depression.", he tells.

"Before operating my challenge were the Tokyo Games. Now I don't talk about long-term goals, because life has to be lived moment by moment", answer back. Patience is the virtue that best defines the young swimmer. "It is the word I hear most in my head. As much as one wants to go against his diagnosis, you will not be able to do it and you must always take the positive part of everything. It is what is needed in these cases."

Cata smiles again next to what he loves most, the pool: "More or less I have a normal life. I am starting to work the body a little and returning to the routine, which is to study and train". The process will not be fast, but Cata indicates that it does it "little by little" and in its natural habitat, the water: "Being in the pool makes me very calm. That means everything to me".

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