The LGTBI Pride returns to the "old normality" and will hold the demonstration on July 9

After two years at half gas due to the COVID pandemic, the LGTBI Pride wants to return to the streets with more force than ever. In the absence of a month, the organizing entities have already called for the state demonstration to be held in Madrid. It will take place on July 9, one week later than usual due to the NATO summit, and under the slogan "Facing hate: Visibility, Pride and Resilience", explained the State Federation of Lesbians , Gays, Trans and Bisexuals (FELGTB), COGAM and the association of companies and professionals AEGAL.

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In 2020 the demonstration was online and in 2021 it tried to recover its pulse, but without floats or a stage and with masks. "This 2022 is especially important to celebrate, since during the last two years, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the visibility of the group has been reduced," say the organizations, which together make up the so-called MADO. The goal is for Pride to "return to the old normal" with the call for regular activities, events and concerts that will last for ten days.

The demonstration, for its part, will start from the Carlos V roundabout, in Atocha, and will end in the Plaza de Colón, where the manifesto will be read. Thus, the floats that usually carry companies, political parties and some organizations and that accompany the end of the march and "the participation of thousands of people" will return, the entities add. "This year it could be said that we are back to normal, a complete demonstration, like before," assured Carmen García de Merlo, the president of the Madrid LGBT+ Collective COGAM.

The Trans Law Calendar

This year, Pride wants to focus on the "celebration of activism and the fight for rights" of the collective and "the resilience" of those who make it up. "The demonstration must be to raise awareness, that we are threatened and we cannot continue to sleep," says García. The organization considers that Pride, which is actually celebrated on June 28 to commemorate the Stonewall riots that gave rise to it, "is one of the main tools to conquer rights", especially useful in the current context, in which "There has been an increase in hate speech and hate crimes."

The entities have also taken the opportunity to claim that the so-called Trans Law “meets the deadlines” for processing and reaches the Congress of Deputies before the summer. The standard is currently in the process of receiving the reports of the advisory bodies and it will still have to go through the Council of Ministers again before beginning its path in the Cortes. It is the calendar that the Ministry of Equality manages and to which they committed themselves with the organizations in a meeting this Wednesday, according to what they report.

The groups will claim during the Pride that the law incorporates some of their demands, which were included in the first draft of Equality and were left out after the negotiation within the Government, among them, the self-determination of gender of those under 12 years of age, non-binary people and refugees and immigrants with papers, which according to the current wording, are excluded. “This year we denounce the hate speech that is poured against the collective. We will face them with the social pact and we will not lower our heads before the extreme right. We will be up front with our visibility and pride”, assures Uge Sangil, president of the FELGTB.

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