April 15, 2021

The Levante, shocked by the 'Toño case' | sports

The Levante, shocked by the 'Toño case' | sports

The player of Levante UD Antonio García Aranda, known by Toño in the soccer world, he has spent his first night imprisoned in the penitentiary center of Teruel after being charged in several crimes by the judge of the court number three of the Aragonese city, Jerónimo Cano, who noticed that he had enough rational evidence to impute the player after hearing his statement on Friday at noon. Toño was absent from Levante training, citing personal problems and hiding the club that was leaving to testify to Teruel.

Seven men living in the Valencian Community entered prison by order of the judge accused of being part of a network that was dedicated to extorting users from a web of contacts, as published the Heraldo de Aragón. According to this information, the detainees were part of an organization dedicated to demanding payments to users of an Internet portal specialized in facilitating sexual contacts. The alleged extortionists even went so far as to make threats against the physical integrity of their victims.

Emilio Pérez Mora, lawyer of the player granota, told TVE that keeping the player in prison "is a real madness." "Toño has been immersed in a criminal procedure simply by frequenting certain bad friendships but really without having anything to do with the merits of the matter. We have a resolution as adjusted to the reality that allows this man to be at liberty, with the necessary appearances, with the precautionary measures that are necessary, but in these moments to keep him in prison, really, it seems to me an authentic madness " , he said.

Jerónimo Cano, investigating judge, considers that there are sufficient indications of the possible involvement of the detainees in several crimes. In particular, belonging to a criminal group or organization, extortion, serious threats of death, against the privacy of persons, falsification of documents, usurpation of marital status, as well as money laundering. The judicial investigation remains open and the investigating magistrate has decreed the secrecy of proceedings.

The Levante squad exercised in the sports city of Buñol to prepare the game against Deportivo Alavés, which will be played on Monday at Mendizorroza. The session was attended by the president of the Quico Catalán club, who spent an hour with the players and the coaching staff to explain the situation and demand prudence in their statements and respect for their partner until justice is pronounced. The president left Buñol without making any statements. The club issued a statement on Friday to support Toño and his family pending the development of the instruction.

Yes coach Paco López spoke about the case: "It is an atypical situation, we are sad in the dressing room, sad and waiting for the decision of the judge, and of course we believe in the presumption of innocence of our player. situation in the dressing room and I can talk about the final conclusion that, I insist, is that the wardrobe is sad, but this type of situations have to make us stronger and they are going to unite us even more, we are a family ".

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