May 16, 2021

The Levante denounce the undue alignment of Barcelona – The Province

The Levante denounce the undue alignment of Barcelona - The Province

The president of Levante UD, Quico Catalán, has insured in Barcelona that the club "will move the improper lineup of Barça in the first leg regardless of the result of tonight." Both teams play at 21.30 the return meeting of the eighth finals of the Copa del Rey, with the advantage of 2-1 of the set granota.

Even though Levante UD was out of time for To denounce the improper alignment of the youth squad Chumi, that was sanctioned by accumulation of warnings with Barça B, each time has been finding more arguments to do so.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has informed Catalunya Radio that FC Barcelona committed the offense in the first leg of the Copa del Rey round of 16 last week. The same federal sources indicate that Levante UD has passed the deadline of 24 hours to report it (48 when the game is played on weekends).

However, the RFEF admits that if the report of Levante UD arrived today, the Competition Committee would study it urgently tomorrow, Friday. The case could end in the Court of sport arbitration, the TAD, which could meet urgently and decide on a possible expulsion of Barcelona from the Cup. In the event that Barça overcome the tie tonight, the ruling should arrive before Friday at 5 pm, when the draw is held of the quarterfinals.

After the vision of the RFEF, which makes it clear that the Barça skipped the regulation, Obviating the explanatory circular of last November to which the Catalan club clings, the federation is awaiting the denunciation of Levante UD to take action on the matter. According to the RFEF, a cautioned footballer can not play any League match or other official competition with his team or the main one until he has completed his penalty game, as is the case.


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