Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

The letters that reveal the turbulent and sadomasochistic love story of the creator of 007

The relationship between Ian Fleming and his wife Ann was intense as well as entangled. This is recorded in a series of letters, about 160, written for 20 years and that the Sotheby’s auction house It has put up for sale.

Sotheby’s book and manuscript specialist, Gabriel Heaton, has assured the press that it is “what must surely be an unmatched record of the author’s life as his fortune changed.”

The letters also provide information about the emergence of his star character, James Bond

They also provide information about the emergence of their star character, James Bond. Therefore, Heaton points out that "it is no coincidence that Fleming wrote the first novel of Agent 007, Royal Casino, the same year of his marriage. It was "as much as an outlet for his libido and imagination, and also in an attempt to earn money for a woman who was accustomed to being thoughtlessly rich," he acknowledged the British newspaper The guardian.

And it is that Ann Fleming was accustomed to a life train that Ian found it difficult to maintain. He was born in the aristocracy and always married rich men. Her first husband was Shane O'Neill, the third Baron O'Neill. After his death in a military action in 1944, he married newspaper mogul Esmond Harmsworth.

I long for you even if you whip me because I love you hurting me and kissing me later. ”

During both marriages, Ann and Fleming they were lovers and they lived a relationship with sadomasochistic dyes. This is also spoken in the letters. "I yearn for you even if you whip me because I love that you hurt and kiss me later," Ann once wrote to Fleming.

The letters also reflect sad moments, such as when the couple lost a premature girl, who lived only eight hours. “I have nothing to say to console you. After all this work and pain, it is bitter. I can only send you my arms, my love and all my prayers. ”

Throughout their comings and goings, and especially after going through the altar, Ann shows with her pen some scenes of jealousy. "You mention‘ old single days ’- the only person you stopped sleeping with when they stopped was me!" Fleming answers a few letters later that "in today's twilight, we are hurting each other to such an extent that life is hardly bearable."

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