The Len-Castillo House-Museum pays tribute to the trajectory of the writer Elsa Lpez - La Provincia

The trajectory and creative commitment of the writer Elsa López stars in the new event of the cycle + que musas, in which the León-Castillo House-Museum pays tribute to the role that creative women have played in the cultural field in the Canary Islands and whose program is coordinated by the journalist Nora Navarro. The meeting with Elsa López has been scheduled at the museum center that manages the Cabildo Grancanario in Telde to this Thursday, February 27, at 7:00 p.m., with free admission until full capacity is reached.

Elsa López (Equatorial Guinea, 1943), professor, Dr. Cum Laude in Philosophy, member of the Royal Academy of Cordoba of Sciences, Fine Arts and Noble Arts and Goodwill Ambassador of the La Palma Island Biosphere Reserve to UNESCO , was president of El Ateneo de La Laguna (2011-2013) and currently directs Ediciones La Palma.

Lopez is considered a polyhedral writer who has worked in various fields of creation and research, obtaining among other prizes the I Research Prize José Pérez Vidal, the International Poetry Prize Ciudad de Melilla, the National Poetry Prize José Hierro 2001 and the Poetry Prize City of Córdoba "Ricardo Molina". His poems have been translated into Arabic, French, English, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese and part of his poetic work has been included in national and international anthologies.

She presided over the Literature Section of the Madrid Athenaeum and, in the year 2000, she was appointed director of the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators, where she directed the scholarship granted to Almeria writer and poet Juan Manuel Gil, also writer and poet Javier Vela, Cadiz, Francisco Montañes, painter of Jaén, Rocío Cano, painter of Jerez, and so many artists, writers and musicians who went through the foundation.

The Canary Islands Government has distinguished it with the Gold Medal for its contribution to the identity and recognition of the Canarian people in 2016. In 2018, she was the honoree writer in the Parliament of the Canary Islands Government on the day of the writers. A woman whom her mother taught to read "through the birds" and the colors drawn on the matchboxes of her African childhood.


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