Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The legionaries demand to Vox that it does not continue using 'The boyfriend of the death'

Los legionarios exigen a Vox que no siga usando ‘El novio de la muerte’

The Millán Astray Patriotic Platform, formed by veterans legionaries, has asked this Monday to Vox Do not keep using the song in your political acts 'The boyfriend of death' Y threat with going to the Central Electoral Board if he continues to resort to the anthem of the Legion, which "is not patrimony of any political force".

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In a statement, the platform expresses its "firm opposition" to that "The death boyfriend" continues to be used "improperly" during the election campaign. Although he does not cite any particular party, Vox is the only formation that sings his lyrics during all his electoral acts.


The platform ensures that it will appeal to the JEC if they continue using the anthem

"This Platform has been observing with deep concern that from the electoral campaign to the Andalusian Elections a systematic use of said Anthem is made, which, like everything related to The Legion, is not the patrimony of any political force, but belongs to Spain and the set of the Spanish Society, "he says.

The group of former legionaries says they have tried to convey this message on numerous occasions but, given the "unsuccessful" approach, warns that they will go to the Electoral Board if 'The death boyfriend' is used "once more" In bell.

This petition goes in the same sense as the petition of the Governing Board of the Congregation of Mena, who procession with legionaries the Christ of the Good Death in Malaga, who requested by letter to the leaders of PP, Pablo Casado; Citizens, Albert Rivera; and Vox, Santiago Abascal, that "please" not attend any of the events planned by the brotherhood of Malaga this year due to the elections on April 28 to, thus, prevent such acts "may become in one more act of electoral campaign ".

"It is important to safeguard what most unites us from partisan interests that only intend to obtain a photo in a context so far removed from an electoral process. Respect for spaces foreign to politics is truly a pending issue of our political class as a whole, "the Millán Astray platform abounds.

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