Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

The Legend of Zelda comes to Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo has announced the content of the new update of Super Mario Maker 2, which will include elements of the saga The Legend of Zelda as the Master Sword. All content will be gratuitous and will be available for Nintendo Switch users next Thursday December 5th.

With the item Master Sword, Mario becomes the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda, Link, and you can use all your classic skills: the shield to protect yourself, the bow, the sword attacks, the attack in the race and bombs to destroy walls, among others. He also arrives at Super Mario Maker 2 on Ninji time trial mode, in which users must complete the level as quickly as possible.

Nintendo will periodically update the list of levels of Ninji mode. Upon completion, users will receive rewards and items for their avatar. Among the main novelties of this update is also Spike, a type of enemy that throws metallic balls; Pokey, a tower formed by spheres with spikes and P blocks, which can be activated with a button and are indestructible.

Super Mario Maker 2
is available for Nintendo Switch since the end of June of this year.

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