The left-wing partners of the Government celebrate Sánchez's measures while the PNV criticizes that they invade powers

The left-wing partners of the Government celebrate Sánchez's measures while the PNV criticizes that they invade powers

Although cautiously and demanding greater ambition from the progressive government, ERC, EH Bildu and BNG, the left-wing parliamentary allies of the Executive, have celebrated the "change of course" and the measures announced this Tuesday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his speech in the debate on the state of the nation, which has included free commuter and medium-distance transport passes or new taxes on electricity companies and banks.

New taxes, free commuter trains and more scholarships: all Sánchez's measures in the debate on the state of the nation

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The most optimistic has been the spokeswoman for EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, who has considered that the measures announced by the chief executive are, according to her, "in the right direction" and "in line" with what the independence party and the parties of the “plurinational bloc”. “We value positively that the Government is open for the first time to implement a tax on banks and apply a tax on the extraordinary benefits of electricity companies,” said Aizpurua, who considered, however, that “the measures must be permanent and structural”, and “not temporary as Sánchez has announced”.

In a similar vein, Gabriel Rufián, ERC spokesman in Congress, has assured that he sees most of the initiatives proposed by Sánchez as "good", although he has considered that "life, what people face every day, is not faced only with temporary, extraordinary, circumstantial measures. It is faced with structural, courageous and permanent measures”.

“Offering the train subscription is fine”, Rufián has said, but “it would be much better if the president complied with the investments in trains announced in the Budgets”. In his opinion, the way out of the crisis "is permanent or it is not." Asked specifically about the measures announced by Sánchez, Rufián has come to ensure that "some" of them are from ERC. "It's not that they don't seem good to us, it's that they seem cheap to us in what they do," he added.

A 'brainstorming' of the ministers, according to Esteban

Néstor Rego, spokesman for the BNG in Congress, has considered that "there are measures" announced by Sánchez "that go in the right direction" although he has confirmed that "Galiza has been absent from the Government's concerns" since Sánchez did not has mentioned the community unlike others such as Andalusia, Catalonia or the Community of Madrid.

“The BNG is going to continue demanding that the Government fulfill its commitments with Galicia, especially in relation to infrastructure and services”, said Rego, who considered that “the historical deficit” with respect to Galicia “is even aggravated by the fact that Budgets are not executed. “In the case of Cercanías, the number of people who are going to benefit in Galiza is zero”, he recalled, for which he has called on the Government to “get to work on it”.

From the PNV, another of the partners of the Executive, its spokesman, Aitor Esteban, has considered that there have been "gaps" in the speech of the President of the Government on the first day of the debate on the state of the nation, because in his opinion he has not addressed all matters of interest to the citizenry, in general, and the Basque, in particular.

What Sánchez said is, in his opinion, the result of a "brainstorming by the Government, by all the ministers, without notifying the partners." "Some of these measures also invade jurisdiction and have consequences in the economic sphere," Esteban assured at a press conference.

Podemos: "The coalition is a heritage of the people"

Previously, the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, had considered that Sánchez's speech had shown that the Executive "begins to reorient the course" as the part of United We Can had been asking for "for weeks". "We are beginning to recover that pace of social progress that is so important to deal with the difficult economic situation that the people of our country are experiencing," she added, referring to the measures announced by Sánchez.

“Today it has been shown that it is possible to govern, govern and govern and that the coalition in the end is a heritage of the people of this country, of the people who mobilized in 15M, of the feminist movement, of the workers and that taking care of the coalition is living up to what all those people are expecting from us and from us”, she concluded, in statements to the media in Congress.

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