The leak | Television | THE COUNTRY

The leak | Television | THE COUNTRY

From Ben Stiller we knew he was a great comedian actor as well as a great tennis fan (he is usually seen in Wimbledon). Now we also know, after seeing the eight chapters of the splendid Fuga in Dannemora (Movistar Series), who is an excellent producer and dramatic director.

It is true that the series was supported by two screenplay writers, Brett Johnson and Michael Tolkin, linked to the production of another extraordinary series, Ray Donovan, even though in their sixth and current season they are getting out of hand, or from the pot. In any case, a good series needs a good story, a production according to that story, a seamless direction and some interpreters that empower the narrated. Fuga in Dannemora It far exceeds all requirements.

Two murderers serve their sentence in Dannemora prison, in Clinton County, New York State. They intend to escape from prison, for which they need the help of the supervisor of the tailoring of the center who will be in charge of supplying the essential tools. This trio protagonist shows an impressive talent: Benicio del Toro, Paul Dano and Patricia Arquette as unrecognizable as great. Rarely a series has met so much quality in their interpretations. And in the case of the Puerto Rican, it is fair to point out that the one who discovered him for the cinema was the visionary Bigas Luna in Golden eggs, in which he already played a badass role that would later be almost constant in his filmography.

The series is based on real events. The greatness of the cinema and, sometimes, of the television, is that the recreation of the reality contributes a cumulus of details, from the decorations and the landscape until the interpretation, that enrich it. With a sober realization, a paused rhythm in its first chapters that is streamlined in the last three and some dialogues that remind the Coens of Fargo, Fuga in Dannemora It is one of the best series of the season.


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