Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

The leak of affiliates of the PP of Madrid fattens the figures of Vox

La fuga de afiliados del PP de Madrid engorda las cifras de Vox

A known group of Affiliates to the PP of Madrid that in the last few months they have asked the party for deep changes in their strategy, more fighting against corruption and more internal democracy have been past in the last weeks to the rightist formation Vox, which is growing in the region after the crowded meeting of Vistalegre a month ago.

This has been detailed to Europa Press the visible head of this transfer of militants, Ruben Olmeda, who until Tuesday was 20 years in the Popular Party. This entrepreneur led a few months ago a formal request and also through the portal directed to the dome of Genoa to convene an extraordinary congress in the PP of Madrid.

"We have to decide already if we want to continue in free fall and without leaders who step forward or change definitively and do not continue to embarrass us. I have been affiliated to the Party since 1998, I have always collaborated when I have been asked and I have supported the companions of the Basque Country by going on lists through Berango and Bermeo. I am dedicating my time to request an Extraordinary Congress in Madrid so that we can choose the leader we want, without dedazos and with new faces. The 20 years of affiliation, not having held public office and my conviction in the democratic principles and values ​​that led us to be the force chosen by the majority of Spaniards, endorse me for this Congress, "said Olmeda.

After this request he received hundreds of messages from affiliates who thought like him and more than a thousand signatures to his initiative. "Many sharp do not feel represented by those who speak on our behalf, on behalf of the Popular Party. It is necessary and urgent to do something in Madrid, because nothing is communicated, nobody is convinced and the bloodletting of votes towards other parties is not stopped. We want to vote, we want democracy without pressure and that anyone who wants to contribute their time and ideas to build a Popular Party who can earn their credibility, "he added in his letter.

But, as explained by Olmeda Europa Press, the PP leadership does not want to make primaries to choose the head of the list for the regional elections of May because it believes that the party in Madrid "is not mature", given the traumatic departure of Cristina Cifuentes of the regional Presidency and the current situation, in which there is a new regional leadership with hardly any members of the regional government. "In the PP now rely on internal surveys but do not want the primaries," said the leader of the group that has joined Vox.

This circumstance and the lack of response that he obtained from his ex-leader, Pablo Casado, in the recent Madrid Forum, with which Olmeda collaborates, made him reflect and leave the game with the rest of his team, despite receiving a letter in the one who told him to talk to the Secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto. "The Popular Party has no remedy and has no option to correct anything," responds the member.

The former PP member goes to Vox, a formation that had been tempting him for two years. "I'm going to a place where they value me and my team, which is very big. I go with Ortega Lara and Antonio del Castillo, like so many who are going to Vox because they find freshness and a direct message, and not mediocrity and sticks on wheels. The party in which I have fought is practically rotten. There are valid people and magnificent mayors in the Community, but there is a manager to finger, who is a fudge, people who have been in office for 30 years who have not done anything in their lives, who do not know what a VAT or a fee is autonomous and are managing in a way that is not appropriate, "he said in a video that has uploaded to social networks and that already has more than 50,000 visits.

Rubén Olmeda has detailed to Europa Press that has a direct team of 24 veterans exiled from the PP who want to collaborate with Vox in defining different subjects, especially the social ones, among which are people who have held positions in the past in the regional government . "I have been called councilors and mayors of the PP in the region, including someone from the Executive Committee, telling me they are with me," he said. He has also acknowledged that many of the thousand signatories of the internal democracy petition are already active in the right-wing party.

"Many affiliations are coming to Vox since I took the step. I do not regret it, least of all when I heard everything about Cospedal this week. It is impossible for these people to change, so I hope that the valid people of the PP will take revenge on Vox, whose leaders are working all week and then split their heads every weekend working for the game. And also that people arrive from Citizens, who see that their party one day supports one thing and another day, another. We are serious and direct, "concluded Olmeda.

"We have to decide already if we want to continue in free fall and without leaders to take a step forward or change definitively and not continue to embarrass us"

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