April 22, 2021

The leader Tamaraceite shows his power before the Tenisca – The Province

The leader Tamaraceite shows his power before the Tenisca - The Province

The Tamaraceite left its imprint of leader in La Palma. Before the SD Tenisca added his fourteenth victory of the season (0-3) and takes off from his pursuers in the Canarian group of Third Division. The pupils of Chus Trujillo stormed the Virgen de Las Nieves stadium and left the palmero box even more involved in the relegation places. Alberto, David González and Figueroa, the last two, penalty, ended the clash.

The meeting began with the locals well planted on the lawn. So much so that they had the first chance of danger. After the initial quarter hour, Diego faced and dribbled goalkeeper Jonay, but his subsequent shot went to the side of the net.

In the reply, the Tamaraceite did not forgive. In the 22nd minute, a corner kick taken by Borja Vera was finished off with the test by Alberto at the bottom of the tights.

Despite the setback, the Tenisca did not lower his arms. The squad directed by Óscar Valle was launched by the match. However, they could not do anything against the strong defense of their adversary.

After the break, the Tamaraceite did not take in sentencing. In minute 54, the collegiate Marta Huerta indicated a maximum penalty in favor of the Gran Canaria players who transformed David González into Panenka.

With the passage of minutes, and with a comfortable advantage in their favor. the visitors limited themselves to controlling the ball and letting time lapse.

The sentence would arrive in the absence of 20 minutes for the conclusion of the meeting. Juan Andrés went into the area and was shot down by Curbelo. the collegiate again pointed to the fateful point. On that occasion, the launch was carried out by Figueroa, who put the icing on the triumph of his own.


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