March 4, 2021

The leader of the FARC party announces the birth of his son in times of peace

The president of the Colombian Revolutionary Alternative Party (FARC), Rodrigo Londoño, known in his guerrilla days as "Timochenko," announced the birth of his second son, Joan Rodrigo, who is part of the so-called generation of "children of peace "of the old insurgent movement.

"Live life, Joan Rodrigo was born, for peace everything, for war nothing," said Londoño, 60, on his Twitter account announcing the birth.

The baby is the product of Londoño's relationship with Colombia's Johanna Castro, whom he met when the FARC signed the peace agreement with the government in November 2016.

Joan Rodrigo, who was born on July 6, is the first child of that union and the second of "Timochenko," whose first-born was born in 1990 in one of the bloodiest times of the Colombian armed conflict.

"Another son of peace was born!" Congratulations to Timochenko and her partner for the life of Joan Rodrigo who comes to accompany them on this path of work and construction of reconciliation, for a different Colombia, "the senator said on Twitter. of the FARC party, Sandra Ramírez.

Also, the representative to the House by the FARC Luis Alberto Albán Urbano spoke about the birth.

"Welcome to life and to the fariana family Joan Rodrigo, congratulations Timochenko and Johanna Castro, a son of peace," he said.

In 2017 the FARC indicated that a group of 148 ex-guerrilla children constitute the first generation of the "children of peace" and represent a radical change in the life project of these women.

These children are currently growing in the Territorial Training and Reintegration Spaces (ETCR) that are distributed throughout the country and where ex-combatants remain after laying down their arms.

The Ombudsman, Carlos Negret, has asked the Government to attend these pregnancies, so he suggested that the Military Hospital in Bogota, which for decades served soldiers wounded in combat, "refocus its efforts to build peace" and In charge of providing medical services to pregnant women and newborns.

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