December 1, 2020

The leader of the employers’ association raises the former Minister of Employment Fátima Báñez to the presidency of its foundation

The president of the employers ‘association, Antonio Garamendi, proposed this week to the Board of Directors of the CEOE that the former Minister of Employment of the PP Fátima Báñez preside over the Foundation of the employers’ organization. The body endorsed the decision on Wednesday and is now awaiting the foundation’s board of trustees to make the appointment official, according to employer sources at After months of rumors about the entrance of the expolitics of the Popular Party to the bosses, the CEOE signed Báñez amid the pandemic to coordinate the solidarity project ‘Companies that help’. Three months later, Garamendi has placed her at the head of the organization, which is currently chaired by José María Lacasa.

Former Minister Fátima Báñez celebrates eight years of labor reform:

The former minister Fátima Báñez celebrates the eight years of the labor reform: “A new culture of employment in Spain was born”

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Yesterday the ex-minister tweeted her thanks to a comment by Gloria Lomana in which she congratulated her on her appointment as president of the CEOE Foundation, which had been published by media such as The Economist and The reason.

The new position falls within the “managerial field”

In CEOE they insist to this means that it is still necessary for the foundation’s board of trustees to validate the new position, so they prefer not to advance details of it. The Foundation presidency is within the “managerial field” of the employers, they explain from the entity.

One of the relevant questions is whether Fátima Báñez will collect from the CEOE for her new position, since so far the employers have explained that the former minister did not receive remuneration for her work as head of ‘Companies that help’. The CEOE Foundation President is currently remunerated. By the statutes of the employers, the position should be held by Garamendi, the president of CEOE, who has done it is to propose another person for it. In the latter case, Fátima Báñez.

The head of the 2012 labor reform of the Government of Mariano Rajoy left the policy in March last year and later she signed for the pharmaceutical company Rovi, as an independent director. Even so, she has participated in the public debate. defending the labor legislation that the PP Executive approved and that the current coalition government promised to dismantle.

The incorporation of Fátima Báñez to the bosses has long been known, marked the general assembly of the CEOE last year, since the ABC newspaper published the same day the signing of the former Minister of Employment to join the management as “adviser to the president”, Antonio Garamendi. The employer’s leader did not deny the news, as he had done on previous occasions, but left it pending in September. The date arrived and the appointment did not take place. Several media outlets published that the entry of the former PP minister responsible for the labor reform did not convince all employers, due to the fact that it left the employers too ideologically marked.


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