February 26, 2021

The leader gives no truce to SPAR Gran Canaria

Players from Perfumerías Avenida and SPAR Gran Canaria fight for a rebound in a set of yesterday's clash |  |  ÁLEX LÓPEZ

Players from Perfumerías Avenida and SPAR Gran Canaria fight for a rebound in a set of yesterday’s clash | | ÁLEX LÓPEZ

Assault the Salamanca Wurzburg Pavilion remains a pipe dream for teams of Endesa Women’s League. The leader of the championship, the powerful Perfumerías Avenida, continues intractable and yesterday SPAR Gran Canaria had to suffer it. He could do very little against a Salamanca squad that ended with the good performance of the yellow team, who reached the duel after three victories in the last few days.

José Carlos Ramos’s players were outmatched for the scoring festival of a rival in which two figures of the island’s women’s basketball stood out, the international Leonor Rodríguez (16 points) and Maite Cazorla (12).

Silvia Domínguez and Karlie Samuelson allowed Perfumerías Avenida to start leading the game (7-3). On the Gran Canaria side, Sika Koné and María España tried to prevent the locals from leaving on the scoreboard (13-10).

Effectiveness from triple

After the equator of the first act, the Salamanca team began to catch the tone. Karlie Samuelson and her teammate Andrea Vilaro, with their triples, gave the locals an income of seven points (19-12). Those of Roberto Íñiguez were very effective from the 6.75 meter line. The Gran Canaria Maite Cazorla, and especially the American foreigner Karlie Samuelson, put the differences beyond ten points (30-18).

José Carlos Ramos, SPAR Gran Canaria coach, tried to encourage his players to intensify their defensive efforts, but Perfumerías Avenida continued to be very effective in the face of the basket, which allowed them to extend the distances to 20 points (46-26) .

The Gran Canaria coach stopped the game with a time-out, which led to his rival timidly slowing down the scoring rhythm. But the Salamanca squad continued to be unstoppable from the three-point line to enjoy wide differences in the middle (59-34).

The scoring festival from the triple continued after the break (65-34). María Hermida and Marta España gave SPAR GRan Canaria (67-39) an incentive, although Renara Hayes quickly replied from the free kick.

Good match for the Gran Canaria Leonor Rodríguez and Maite Cazorla against their countrymen

Sika Koné and Sparkle Taylor were trying to give the yellow team a minimum of hope heading into the fourth quarter. However, the Gran Canaria Leonor Rodríguez and Andrea Vilaro were in charge of leaving the party sentenced (79-46).

With the match already clearly resolved, Perfumerías Avenida managed to manage the game times and dedicated himself to controlling the attacks of the islanders. María España assumed responsibility in the ranks of the team led by José Carlos Ramos to try to make up the result (90-54).

The Gran Canaria of the Salamanca team, Leonor Rodríguez and Maite Carzola, continued to do their thing in the local ranks, while Kai James, Sparkle Taylor and Djeneba Ndiaye countered the attacks of the countrymen (99-66).

In the last two minutes, Roberto Íñiguez’s team, through Andrea Vilaro, took the distances up to 40 points and established the loose score with which the contest concluded at the Wurzburg Pavilion (107-66).

Data sheet

Perfumeries Avenida 107

SPAR Gran Canaria 66

Perfumery Avenida: Silvia Domínguez (11), Renara Hayes (13), Umo Diallo (4), Katie Samuelson (10) and Karlie Samuelson (14) -the starting quintet-, Maite Cazorla (12), Leonor Rodríguez (16), Andrea Vilaro (13 ), Bella Alarie (11) and Inés Santibáñez (3).

SPAR Gran Canaria: María España (13), Sparkle Taylor (11), Sika Koné (15), Kai James (8) and Djeneba Ndiaye (6) -the starting five-, Marta Hermida (5), Alina Hartmann (4), Adji Fall ( 2), Elena Rodríguez (2) and Miriam Rodríguez.

Partials by quarters: 30-18, 59-34, 79-46 and 107-66.

Referees: Asunción Langa, Alberto Lázaro and Fernando Ibáñez. Without eliminated for fouls.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 25 of the Endesa Women’s League, played without an audience at the Wurzburg Pavilion in Salamanca


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