The lawyer of the soccer player Diallo assures that “they threw her to the lions”: “She has nothing to do with it”

Mourad Battikh, the footballer’s lawyer Aminata Diallo, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player who was 36 hours arrested as a suspect After devising an attack on another colleague, he wondered how his client will be able to resume her career after the media lynching she has suffered.

The lawyer made these statements this Saturday in a short interview granted to the BFMTV channel.

Battikh recalled that his client was released without charge; and noted that researchers are now “behind” “stronger” evidence Than the ones that splashed Diallo.

The PSG and French national team footballer was arrested on Wednesday and Thursday on suspicion of having orchestrated an attack against another teammate, Kheira Hamraoui, with the presumed intention of injuring her and being able to have more minutes of play. Both play in the same offensive midfield position.

Diallo, however, was released for lack of evidence, as was an acquaintance of yours supposedly involved, although investigations continue.

“I say it loud and clear, she has nothing to do with this assault”said the lawyer, who regretted the non-pecuniary damage done to the 26-year-old girl.

“As the PSG, the selection of France, the sponsors are going to react to all this? Lions have been namednationally and internationally, and it will be necessary to see if all those people are going to come out publicly now to say that they have nothing to do with this matter, “added the lawyer.

“She has always had an exemplary life, on and off the pitch and He has struggled a lot to get where he is“, he finished.


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