The lawyer of the civil guard of La Manada waives his defense | Society

The lawyer of the civil guard of La Manada waives his defense | Society

The lawyer Jesus Perez has resigned this Friday to the defense of the civil guard of The pack, Antonio Manuel Guerrero, sentenced along with the rest of his companions to nine years in prison for sexual abuse a young woman from Madrid in the Sanfermines of 2016. Guerrero will be represented by the lawyer Agustín Martínez, who defends the other four members of the group. Perez has justified his resignation in the "excessive workload of open cases incompatible with other matters" that he has in his office, reports Efe.

Agustín Martínez has confirmed that he will take charge of Guerrero's defense, along with José Ángel Prenda, Jesús Escudero, Ángel Boza and Jesús Cabezuelo, since It would be difficult for another lawyer to take the case at this stage of the procedure, with the accused waiting for December 26 The Provincial Court of Navarre decides if they enter prison after what the Superior Court of Justice of Navarre (TSJN) confirmed this month the sentence to nine years of jail for sexual abuse.

Martinez has also confirmed that the vistilla to determine whether to lift the provisional release of the convicted, which this Friday go to the courts of Seville to sign – as they do three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – in compliance with the precautionary measures imposed, will remain on Wednesday December 26, since the request for a new postponement requested by the private prosecution has not prospered.

On December 7, after the Superior Court of Navarra confirmed the sentence against La Manda, the prosecutor's office of Navarra requested the Second Section of the Provincial Court to vary the precautionary measures ordered against the five members of the group. The chief prosecutor, José Antonio Sánchez, requested the return to prison of the five and required the three judges of the court that judged the case in November 2017 to hold a hearing to study this request. The prosecution considers that the confirmation of the conviction and the non-modification of the facts proven in the first sentence communicated in April by the TSJN "make it necessary to ensure compliance with the sentence of nine years in prison."

This was not the first time that the prosecution has requested the return to prison of a member of La Manada after his released on bail of 6,000 euros last June. On July 5 of this year the Second Section of the Hearing held a hearing to study the request of accusations that he would return to Guerrero prison, He tried to renew his passport the Monday after his release from prison. Then the three judges who judged the case dismissed that request, with the dissenting vote of its president, Francisco José Cobo, who considered that he should return to prison for violating the precautionary measures.

Another member of the group, Ángel Boza, was arrested in August accused of stealing some sunglasses and running over a security guard who tried to stop him. He returned to prison, but on November 23, a court in Seville sentenced him for a minor crime of theft and released him.


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