The Lawyer denounces the impediments of the Government to the Proactive Open Arms

The Lawyer denounces the impediments of the Government to the Proactive Open Arms

The Spanish Lawyers have denounced the administrative impediments of the Government to allow the activity of maritime rescue of migrants of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms and has demanded to Fomento to review its decision so that the ship continues to help people at risk in the Mediterranean.

As explained in a statement, the Subcommission on Foreigners and International Protection of the General Council of the Spanish Lawyers expressly regrets "that, in a manifestly irregular manner, impossible compliance requirements are required to not depend on the will of the NGO itself and that clearly pursues the stoppage of the activities of the Open Arms ship ".

Therefore, the Lawyer requires the Ministry of Public Works to review the decision adopted and give a favorable response to the request of said vessel so that it can continue carrying out the operations of rescue and assistance of people at risk of immediate death in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The Legal Subcommittee of Foreigners expresses its commitment to the right to life of all people who are at risk in the Mediterranean and who is enshrined as a fundamental right in our Constitution in its Article 15 and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its article 3 and denounces that the Spanish State with its decision makes a flagrant violation of this right.

"We must bear in mind that the lack of presence of these NGOs at sea helps to silence the deaths of these people by ignoring them in an absolute manner, which implies a lack of compliance with the legal and moral obligations that are incumbent upon the States of the European Union: The omission of these duties makes them responsible for the death of so many vulnerable people, "he concludes.


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