The law does not require the purchase of an insurance for users of electric scooters

The law does not require the purchase of an insurance for users of electric scooters

The Spanish law does not obligate at the moment to contract an insurance to the users of electric scooters and other vehicles of personal mobility, although every time there are more voices that ask that this matter be regulated before the vulnerability of the pedestrians.

The judicial procedure opened this week after the first death in Spain accredited by hitting a scooter, occurred in August in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), when an old woman of 90 years was run over by two young people who were traveling at 30 kilometers per hour a pedestrian way, has revived a debate that questions the regulation of these vehicles.

Therefore, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is already working on a proposal to amend the Traffic Law and regulate the use of this type of vehicle, since currently there is no specific regulation at the state level.

As explained to Efe sources of the DGT, this would be done through a royal decree that would prevent electric scooters circulating on the sidewalk and set a maximum speed for them of 25 kilometers per hour.

It will be a regulation of state scope, which may later expand the municipalities, explained the sources, who added that Traffic wants the users of these scooters do not need a driving license, but they must undergo alcohol and drugs controls, as the drivers.

Subsequently, the municipalities may adapt these procedures to their cities and regulate this new trend of electric mobility.

And you can also answer questions that have arisen these days, including how we can be covered in an accident, or why cars and motorcycles are required to take out insurance and other vehicles such as bicycles or electric scooters.

Sources of the sector consulted by Efe have explained that in order for insurers to offer these insurances, the scooters would have to be properly identified, with a frame number, and they would also have to appear in a public register with their registration number.

At the moment, they added, a directive on motor vehicle insurance is being processed in the European Union, so it would be necessary to decide if these scooters belong to that category and who would have the responsibility to legislate on this matter, which "should be the state".

For the time being, while this matter is adequately regulated, the user can contract the coverage called private civil or family liability that is included in the home insurance, which guarantees coverage in case of damages even if it is outside the family home.

This has been explained by the CEO of Coverfy, Vicente Arias, an application for mobile that allows managing insurance and comparing prices and coverages.


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