May 31, 2020

The laughs of Les Luthiers, locked in the Cervantes

The writer and biographer of the group, Daniel Samper, thinks that for Les Luthiers it is not enough with a safe, but that they need "a sofa at the Royal Academy". The humorous group has saved today the "secret" of his humor in the Box number 1224 of the Caja de las Letras del Cervantes, under a key that will not be reused until September 4, 2042. In it, they have kept the main ingredients of 52 years of shows that so many laughter, rhythms and applause have unleashed.

This legacy contains numerous keys to his humorous career. Jorge Maronna and Carlos López Puccio, both veterans, were the ones who presented the objects, taking advantage of the joke: "Knowing that we left our legacy, other artists who also left it have demanded that they return it." In this way, Box 1224 now houses a sheet that was fundamental for the beginnings of the group: the first page of the score of the "Cantata Moratón". As Maronna explained, this song, which was later renamed "Laxatón" is "a parody of the 'Passion according to San Mateo' de Bach, played with eleven informal instruments." In addition, he added that "It is written on blueprint paper, since the copies were cheaper."

For his part, the late Gerardo Massana is also present in this legacy: they have left a letter he wrote to his parents in 1967, the year in which the group was created. The origins, therefore, are sealed, as well as an extensive career in which so many memories have given them time to accumulate. The legacy also contains several photographs of his first recital, the first press release written by Marcos Mundstock, texts with cross-outs and corrections, as well as several books, such as "Neneco", the biography of the missing Daniel Rabinovich. In addition, they have kept "My first Quijote", which belonged to Mastropiero, pointing Puccio that "it is very suitable for this place, since Mastropiero did not understand it when he read it, and he was already an adult".

According to Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute, Les Luthiers "They are an example of the subtlety of language and imagination". So much so that, during their more than half a century of career, they have contributed, in addition to humor, touches of irony and social criticism, traces of education, as well as a great command of language and a proven musical talent. Carmen Calvo, vice president of the acting Government, highlighted during the act "its immense finesse but also its simplicity to reach any type of public."

The legacy of Box 1224 It is completed with a DVD collection of their shows, as well as with several hand programs, vinyls, one of the statuettes of the Mastropiero awards and two "yerbomatófonos", informal instruments created with mates and that were used to shape the piece attributed to Johann Sebastian Mastropiero -which alludes to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony-.

In this way, those who began more than 50 years ago with the idea of ​​making a small humorous recital at a student party, are now part of the Cervantes legacy. His baroque music, his intellectual speeches with rhythms and invented words, as well as his talent and quality to make people laugh until they can no longer stay now waiting to see the light again in 2042.

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