March 4, 2021

The latest victim of gender violence: "My husband has stuck my knife in me and thrown me away" | Society

The woman threw the trash before going for the bread. "Pili, Pili!" They shouted at him. "In the garden you hear a girl!" And Pilar Izquierdo, 80, approached the back garden of the house which is accessed by a small hatch of just one meter. He found her lying among the grass but still alive.

"Oh, Monika, what happened to you?" Asked the old woman, who has short hair and a rebequilla on her shoulders.

– My husband has nailed me the knife and it has thrown to me, Izquierdo assures that the young person responded to him, already hurt of death, while it requested water to him.

The body of Monika Asenova, a Bulgarian of 29 years, fell on Monday from the first floor to a roof and from there to the earth. He left traces of blood under the window. Shortly after 10 o'clock in the morning her husband, also Bulgarian Biser Karadjov, surrendered in the barracks of Salas de los Infantes, a town in Burgos that borders on 2,000 inhabitants, with stone houses and trees.

A fire under suspicion

On June 28, the day of his youngest daughter's birthday, Monika Asenova's house burned. The remains of the black smoke remained on Monday on the side balcony of the house, in the square where this Monday night his neighbors paid him homage. "Neither blows that hurt nor words that hurt", was read on one of the cards that some girls in the town carried. Around the date of the fire that now arouses all suspicions, she moved to a neighboring village with her father and daughters. According to the official information of the Superior Court, the house was empty when it burned. She was not in the village. The court opened proceedings, but after the report of the Civil Guard, they were filed because no criminal liability was found. The sub-delegate of the Government in Burgos, Pedro de La Fuente, explained this Monday after the concentration in Salas de los Infantes that at the moment no links have been found with the murder of the woman. The secrecy of summary has been decreed.

Pili remembers diffusely that someone carried a sheet and covered it, then the doctors appeared, then the ambulance. In the afternoon, under a summer storm, Civil Guard agents were still gathering evidence.

In a floor of two floors of exposed brick, in the same Plaza del Ayuntamiento, resided until recently the couple, who moved to the town more than a decade ago. The house still preserves the remains of a recent fire. They had two teenage daughters who were in a village 30 kilometers away Monday with their maternal grandfather.

The oldest daughter sings and plays the violin, the second also likes music. The victim organized theaters and participated in the festival of village cultures. In the last municipal elections was presented as alternate councilor in the list of PP, which governs in the municipality. "He did nothing but work to take his family forward," explains the substitute mayor, Julián Ruiz (Ciudadanos). The owner, Francisco Azúa (PP), is on vacation.

"The first time I saw her she looked like a girl," Begoña Ruiz, 59, recalls at her home on the outskirts of town. She is the mayor's sister. He was the first person to give Asenova a job in the town. She did not reject any to get the family ahead: the husband spent long periods ill.

Young people in Salas de los Infantes putting candles in tribute to the woman murdered by her partner.

Young people in Salas de los Infantes putting candles in tribute to the woman murdered by her partner.

Asenova was only 17 years old when she started working at home and three years before she had given birth to her eldest daughter. Ruiz, sorry, explains that she taught him to speak Castilian and to iron. Tell your friend and employer that did not stop working. "He helped me a lot, it was heaven". Ruiz claims that she had confessed to her husband's aggression. That he treated him badly and that he wanted to separate. "He told me that he understood that she wanted to separate, that she realized that he had lost her and accepted it, but it was not true." He did not talk about it. According to her friend, Asenova had been living for a few weeks with her father and the girls in a neighboring village. And he planned to move with the girls' grandmother to another location.

The woman he had not filed any complaint, as happened in 80% of the cases of the thousand murdered counted since they started the official statistics in 2003. Yes there was a "conatus" of aggression in 2011, according to the sub-delegate of the Government in Burgos, Pedro de la Fuente. She denounced the Civil Guard for injuries after an argument. Later, according to a statement from the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, he told the agents that he did not want to continue with the complaint. In court he said it had been an accidental blow. The procedure was filed.

Agents during the investigation of the murder of the woman stabbed and thrown through a window in Salas de los Infantes (Burgos).

Agents during the investigation of the murder of the woman stabbed and thrown through a window in Salas de los Infantes (Burgos).

Vanessa Lázaro, 31, says that she had been working as a cashier in the supermarket for two days next to the square where she lived. "She was very outgoing and friendly. He liked to enjoy. " Lazaro followed Monday afternoon looking towards the door of the super, waiting for Monika to enter at any time.

Hundreds of neighbors gathered at 20:30 in the square in silence, with candles on the ground and flowers on a bench. "With whom are we going to rehearse our dances?" He asked in a tribute text that his friend Tanya Davidova read for all with a trembling voice: "Why did you never complain? Why did you never tell us? "

In so far this year 28 women have been killed by their partners or ex-partners; 1,004 since there are official figures counting on the murder of Monika Asenova on Monday. There are two cases under investigation, that of Romina Celeste, murdered in Lanzarote at the beginning of the year, and that of Lisbete, 29, murdered in Ayamonte (Huelva). The victim assistance telephone number is 016, it is available 24 hours a day and leaves no trace on the bill, although it must be deleted from the call register.

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