Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The latest from David Lynch: a film starring a killer monkey

The cult directors live the same way as the secrets: to pretend that nobody knows them, except for a small circle of elect, although deep down they are vox populi. David Lynch has entered that category of filmmakers where the myth ends up imposing itself on the work, which becomes something secondary or irrelevant. Nobody does not know that when talking about these guys you have to be more careful than in a minefield, especially if someone comes out answering and criticizes the work: his followers are more dangerous than those of «Star Wars». People end up stamping their lives, which are usually their vocations, and David Lynch has four that are known: the cinema, the art, the lock of her hair and the tobacco, which probably, if asked, would be the most important of all – as with one of his namesakes, David Hockney, who does not go to open exhibitions because they do not allow smoking on airplanes. The filmmaker, who met unanimities with “Eraserhead”, stormed the bench with “The Elephant Man”, became a legend with “Blue Velvet” and ended up receiving a massive ovation with “Twin Peaks”, hides an ace in the sleeve that few They mention: he has humor, something common in almost all serious people. And quite accentuated, from what it looks. It is shown by the short film that Netflix now premieres on the occasion of the 74th birthday of the filmmaker and that has made more than one wonder if he already has some kind of commitment to the platform for the future. If someone thinks he is going to break the suspense, it is clear. It will last until the last minute, which is what corresponds to a type of its size.

This film is a story of 17 short minutes that was shot in 2017 and that has now been rescued with the excuse of the onomastics and without anyone being able to affirm or deny if it is any kind of wink or if something else exists behind. For now, you just have to observe the protagonists to perceive the tone of the matter and what the story is about. One of them is a monkey, not just anybody, but one of those little boys with the white face and aspects of goons without remedy that give very bad vibes; the typical ape that one sees capable of catching a revolver and unloading the first unbeliever that is put in front of him. Opposite the creepy ape sits David Lynch himself, who is not one of those guys who inspire calm and calm to the spirit. The first, that is, the animal, plays a murderer, and the human, a sheriff, a cop or whatever they prefer to call him willing to clarify a homicide. The talk between the two is not a conservation, but an interrogation, which introduces the surrealist tone to the short, which is something that the filmmaker looks better than a custom made suit. And in the atmosphere there is a certain suspense with a joke that just left where you least expected. Or what did they think about David Lynch?


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