The latest Eurovision winner discovers that she has DNA from six different ethnicities - La Provincia

Surely on more than one occasion you will have considered knowing the origin of your ancestors, history of your family, or create that family tree that brings you closer to the origin of your ancestors. Now we have it easier thanks to MyHeritage, the global technology service specialized in collecting and preserving the history of families and making DNA tests that allow us to know beyond the stories told by our grandparents.

This North American company founded more than 30 years ago has the largest genetic database, with more than one hundred million users, which has allowed them to compare the DNA of different people and find distant relatives. They are currently working on the One Big Family project, an initiative where they have partnered with the stars of the festival of Eurovision 2019 pto discover and find your family history.

My Heritage helps you to know the DNA of your ancestors.

The first guest of honor and as part of her support for this year's festival has been Netta Barzilai, winner of Eurovision 2018. During the visit they delivered her DNA results live and revealed the incredible story of his family. For many followers, Netta's music represents the diversity of sounds and influences. The results of their DNA and family history reflect that same and unique mixture. Will your results be as diverse as your music? Which of your ancestors has the greatest influence on the artist you are today?

The results have shown us the very different journeys that their ancestors gave before their grandparents knew each other, and that they have even given them several surprises. Barzilai is 51.4% Jewish Sephardic, from North Africa; 45.4% Jewish Ashkenazi, from Central and Eastern Europe; 1.7% Baltic, and 1.5% Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Netta was thrilled to discover that he has a bit of Irish DNA, and spoke of his, hitherto surprising, affinity with the Irish people. Myheritage also found 7,000 new relatives with whom it shares DNA and who come from 60 countries around the world.

Emotion was palpable in the environment as the story of his family was discovered at the company's headquarters. "I want to know more, this is addictive!", he affirmed. The photos, records, and DNA results showed him the diversity and influences he has in his life that have shaped what he is today. You can watch his exciting video below.

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