May 12, 2021

The last words of seven celebrities before dying – The Province

The last words of seven celebrities before dying - The Province

The last words have always worried the celebrities. The problem is that, on the verge of death, in some cases, between the final agony,the phrases that are pronounced say little of the individual, they are not representative.

Issuing a good final message has been an important mission throughout the history of mankind. An emotional, conciliatory phrase that will ensure the passage to the next life. It is difficult to discern which of these premature epitaphs were actually pronounced from those that have become legend, something that endows this microgender with more mysticism that can be called 'The last words of '.


Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The Italian political philosopher and writer invested his last breath to address a priest. The religious had gone to the diplomat's room to help him in the final stretch of his life and he snapped: "I want to go to hell, not to heaven, where I can only find beggars, monks and apostles.In hell I will be surrounded by popes, princes and kings. "


File: Atelier by Nicolas de Largillière, portrait by Voltaire, (Carnavalet museum). Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The French writer, philosopher, historian and lawyer, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, dedicated his last words to his nurse. The caretaker asked the good man if before dying he wanted to deny Satan, to which Voltaire replied: "I believe that it is not the moment to procure new enemies to me ".

Mark Twain

Mark Twain of AF Bradley. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The popular American writer said before he passes awayr: "I prefer paradise because of the weather, hell because of the company".

William Faulkner

Carl Van Vechten Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The American narrator and poet William Faulkner was next to his mother during the last minutes of his life. To make the transit more pleasant, he began to describe what Paradise was like and who he would meet there. When she explained that she would be reunited with her husband, the old woman said: "How? In that heaven, I'm going to have to meet your father? He is not a man that I liked too much. "

Mark Twain: "I prefer paradise because of the weather, hell because of the company"

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart in 'Casablanca'. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

His status as a gallant and the cigarette between his fingers is the popular image of Humphrey Bogart. The actor looked at his wife Lauren Bacall in the eyes and twisted his lips. "I should never have changed from scotch to martinis"Bogart died at age 57, the victim of esophageal cancer.

Marlene Dietrich

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

It is considered one of the most eminent myths of the seventh art, and that golden mystery and glamor accompanied it until the end of his days. The actress rejected the spiritual help offered by a priest and threw her out of the room. "What am I going to talk about with you? I have an imminent appointment with your boss ", he let go.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford in 'Rain'. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

The Oscar winner for 'Mildred Pierce', one of the great female stars of Golden Hollywood, died at 73 years of age due to pancreatic cancer and myocardial infarction. The actress, who had a character of the most complicated, retained his genius until the last breath. She was very ill and the doctor felt it was not worth taking her to the hospital. Crawford's butler began to pray aloud, desperate, and she shouted for the last time: "Wow, do not you dare ask God for help!"


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