September 21, 2020

The last two sexist murders in Valga and Madrid raise 263 orphans for gender violence since 2013

With a difference of just over a day, four minors have seen how their mothers were killed by men who were or had been their partners. In the case of the first crime, occurred in Valga (Pontevedra), the killer was also the father of two children of 4 and 7 years old and in Madrid, that occurred on Tuesday afternoonIt was one of the daughters, who are 10 and 8 years old, who notified emergency services of what happened. With these four, 263 are the number of children who have been orphaned by gender violence since 2013.

It was in that year when the Government Delegation for Gender Violence began to account for these cases. The official statistics include all minors who have been left without a mother for this cause, regardless of whether the murderer is the father or not. However, it is on many occasions, in which these absolute orphaned children (mother and father) are considered administratively. Next to them are the number of women and children killed -30 for six years. The count of women, however, began in 2003. Since then, 1,017 crimes for sexist violence have accumulated, 42 so far this year.

The last one, in Madrid, where a 43-year-old man has killed his 31-year-old ex-partner, has not yet been included in the official statistics, but was included in the Integral Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence (VioGén System), as published by Europa Press. In the case of Valga, where a man murdered his ex-wife and his mother and his mother with a firearm, only the first one has been counted, leaving out the ex-mother-in-law and the ex-sister, since the Comprehensive Law Against Violence Gender only refers to cases that occurred within the framework of a romantic relationship.

The two cases have raised to 32 the number of children who are orphaned by this cause so far in 2019. The peak was calculated in 2015, which accounted for 51 minors for a year after descending to 29 and 26 in 2017, the year in which the lowest record occurred.

The sons and daughters of women who suffer gender violence at the hands of their partners or ex-partners often face a system that forgets what happens after a murder of these characteristics. Although the law conceives them since 2015 as direct victims of the same violence that women suffer and despite regulatory progress, many still go through situations of helplessness after the figure that was supposed to protect them has murdered their own mothers.

Emotional consequences and lack of help

There are many feminist organizations that have been trying to socially understand this reality and the consequences that sexist violence has for them for years. This can be seen in the traveling exhibition organized by the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-treatment of Women who visited Madrid last week. In it, dozens of real drawings of boys and girls who were currently experiencing abuse in their homes are exposed. On some occasions, their mothers appear without mouths or without legs or are very small, their parents look like monsters or wild animals and they themselves are drawn or very large, as an attempt to protect their mothers, or very helpless. Some of the drawings can be seen here.

But beyond the psychological and emotional effects, there are hardly any help for the families that take care of them, who sometimes encounter difficulties and delays to assume parental rights, and the State has not designed specific protocols that guarantee their recovery nor does it track cases. Statistically, only the number of children killed and orphaned is counted, but we cannot know how many children are victims of gender-based violence because their mothers are.

At this point, organizations that work with minors point to the need for them to be judicially taken into account at the same level as mothers. And is that the system still lacks protection: According to the available data, only 2.9% of the complaints in 2018, the last year with full figures, were parental rights suspended as a precautionary measure. In this regard, both the Ombudsman and the General Council of the Judiciary have requested a review and demand that the instruments of risk assessment be improved also for the cases of children.

The lack of resources usually faced by families that begin to take care of them, in many cases maternal grandmothers, is another key obstacle of these children. In fact, Congress extended the debate to approve the reform of the law for two years, which guarantees that all children who are orphaned by this cause will receive a pension. The text eliminated the requirements, linked to the mother's contribution, which caused the exclusion of some of these children for many years. Finally, The reform was approved in February of this year.

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