'The last temptation' leads without showing off but clearly surpasses at the end of 'I see how you sing'

'The last temptation'.

'The last temptation'.

'The last temptation' regained two million followers on his Wednesday night delivery. After falling the previous week because of football, the reality it was left with 16.9% and 2,065,000 viewers, almost a season record. And it is that, although it is not shining like the previous seasons of the original format, the 'Temptations' are a long way from 'Blood Ties', second option of the night in La 1 with a correct 10.9% and 1,399,000 that today represent a joy for the public. For its part, 'I see how you sing' said goodbye weighed down by strong competition, although improving seven tenths to reach 10.7% and 1,152,000 viewers.


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