The last mission of Hulk, the explosive detector dog – La Provincia

Hulk he turns ten in three months and has dedicated almost all his life to the explosives detection. Now continue with this mission in Iraq and on returning to Spain will end your service in the army and enjoy a well deserved retirement as part of the family of Corporal Simón Tomás Díaz, with whom he has worked ‘side by side’ during the last eight years of his military career.

Hulk is a black German shepherd who was born in Hungary In June 2010. He soon stood out for his high capacities to collaborate with the security forces and with only one year of life he arrived in Madrid to be part of the course for explosive detector dogs. Just six months later it was assigned to Corporal Simón Tomás Díaz, with whom he immediately began to work and create that essential man-dog bond for experts in such delicate tasks as the detection of suspicious artifacts.

Since then they have been inseparable and so will continue for years to come, since Hulk will spend his retirement as another member of the family of this 32-year-old corporal from Caudete (Albacete) and assigned to the Bétera Military Police battalion, in Valencia.

Third international mission

Both are now destined in Iraq. Specifically, they are assigned to the protection of the base ‘Great Captain’ of Besmayah, where about 350 Spanish soldiers are dedicated to training local security forces.

This is your third international mission together. The first was in May 2013 in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission ‘Resolute Support’ dedicated to assist, train and advise Afghan institutions.

Already in 2017, the cape-dog tandem was destined for Iraq and there Hulk starred in the peak of his career by detecting the existence of suspicious substances in two trucks, thereby saving the lives of many people.

Security to the King

But not everything in his career has been have been missions abroad. In Spain Hulk has been dedicated to the protection of numerous events crowds, exhibitions or visits by senior officials, such as the occasion on which he monitored the safety of a visit from the King to Betera. “This is his last mission. When we return, he will become part of my family, where he will enjoy a well-deserved rest while he will continue to accompany me for the rest of his days,” said Corporal Simon Tomás Díaz excitedly from Iraq in a video broadcast by the State Major of Defense (EMAD).


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