The last meal with Rope | TV

My friend Edu Galán and I invite you to eat at a restaurant famous for its vegetables, for the bancal and pumpkin. What do we ask ?, he asked with the letter in his hand, to which Edu replied: Jose Luis, we pay, so let's take whatever comes out of the balls. Cuerda turned to me, with a confidential and annoying face, and said to me: “I don't know about you, but what I feel less like eating is what comes out of the balls to that man. I don't want of that. ”

That seriousness in telling the joke was one of the two features that fascinated me about his company, the little time I could enjoy it. The other was the ability to receive, with unperturbed kindness, all the phrases of Sunrise, which is no small thing that all the strangers who approached him released with fanfare. He never snubbed the sunrises, he even replied with another phrase from the movie. I was amazed at his endurance: I would not bear to be told forty-three times a day that we are all contingents, but you are necessary. He, on the other hand, thanked the compliment as if it were the first time he received it.

To the desserts, the restaurant owner wanted to meet him and take a picture with him. They were talking for a while and, while we were waiting for a taxi, he asked me if that guy who had left the kitchen was the owner. I nodded, and he turned to face serious confidence. Lowering his voice, he said: "Well, it seems poor."

Caricatured the world with an adjective. Without resorting to aphorism, a phrase was left over to make the most banal reality a magnificent nonsense with more truth than the sharpest chronicle. I know that everything about him has been said, but I could not turn the page without leaving that said.


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