August 5, 2020

The last hour of the return of Pasapalabra to television – La Provincia

After the Telecinco star contest, Pasapalabra, lowered the blind abruptly after the sentence of theSupreme Court, a small window now opens facing your return to the small screen. But be careful, the program could come back and maybe with a chain change. Recall that the first broadcast of the contest in Spain was in Antena 3 and not in the Mediaset channel, but neither would the orange chain be interested in broadcasting Pasapalabra. According to several media specialized in television informationSpanish Television would be the network most interested in seizing rightsfor our country of the British program.

The Supreme Court ruling says that Telecinco plagiarized the British ITV and its program "The Alfabet Game", aired on the BBC almost 25 years ago. According to Mediaset, what really happened wasa "legitimate adaptation" of the Italian program "Passaparola"and it is based mainly on that in the Anglo-Saxon version the best known test of the Spanish format, "El Rosco" is not performed. Two years ago, the United Kingdom recovered for the cause the program "The Alfabet Game" yes, with the name "Alphabetical", but his career in television lasted just one year.

The fact is that now TVE may be interested in taking over Pasapalabra. For this, some executives of the state chain had to pressRosa María Mateo, the sole administrator of the corporation, since it did not want to enter into conflicts with Mediaset. Once convinced the first contacts arose before the summer, when it became palpable that Telecinco would stop issuing Pasapalabra after the judge's order. The contest could mean for TVE a new incentive to a chain that has seen how in recent years its audience data was in free fall and that is slowly recovering after those bad years. But it will not be easy, the Paolo Vasile chain, Telecinco, will also bid to reach an agreement with ITV knowing what the share that Pasapalabra drags means for the chain.

To date, the contest substitute is none other than one of Mediaset's strongest bets for Telecinco evenings,"Save me". In its version "Banana" has managed to keepthe good audience data of the Christian Galvez program, but they fail to retain an audience that once the gossip program ends, fades and makes Informac Telecinco lose almost half a million viewers


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