February 28, 2021

The last departure for Bale

A door opens for the departure of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. It is just about retracing the path to return home to Tottenham, where it came from in the summer of 2013. The current runner-up in Europe may be the Welsh destination if an agreement is reached for the transfer between the two entities.

Tuesday's game, the semi-final of the Audi Cup organized by Bayern Munich, can be decisive for the future of Welsh. In the field you will find Tottenham and Real Madrid and outside, their leaders to deal with the transfer of "11" Madrid, which in no case will come close to the almost 100 million euros that Real Madrid paid for it.

Once the pass to China has been ruled out, where clubs can pay millionaire salaries but have difficulty doing the same with transfers for the country's demanding taxation, The Premier is presented as the most reasonable exit for Bale. English clubs have money from televisions to take care of salaries such as Welsh, which reaches 17 million euros, and to pay a transfer that Real Madrid may consider reasonable.

His situation at Real Madrid is unsustainable. The tension generated between Zidane and his agent, even at a distance, makes his continuity very complicated despite his good performance in the second half of the friendly against Arsenal. He scored a goal and avoided another, but that cannot close the distance with his coach or cover six years of a performance below expectations.

Nor has Marco Asensio's injury opened a door for continuity. "One thing has nothing to do with the other," said Zidane. They are different players and, above all, they are different situations for the Madrid coach, who may have to stay with James to cover the absence of the Balearic. The Colombian was another of those discarded by the French coach, but injuries and disaster against Atlético de Madrid, which seemed to be his destiny, can favor James' continuity in the team.

The injuries have prevented Bale from giving up during his six seasons as a Real Madrid player and his relationship with Zidane was definitely twisted when he claimed to leave the club after winning the Thirteenth against Liverpool with two goals from him. The time was not the best to pronounce those words and one of the requirements to continue on the bench that put Zidane was the sale of Welsh and the continuity of Christian. The Portuguese left and Bale stayed. And Zidane resigned a few days after winning his third consecutive Champions.

Already in the United States, he warned that Bale's departure should take place as soon as possible. "If it's tomorrow, better for everyone. For him, too," the French coach assumed. But Bale is not gone yet. Tottenham may be the solution to the problem.

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