the last dance of Javier Fernández

the last dance of Javier Fernández

Warsaw, Zagreb (in 2008 and in 2013), Helsinki, Tallinn, Bern, Sheffield, Budapest, Stockholm, Bratislava, Ostrava, Moscow and Minsk. Twelve European cities, thirteen European championships. From 2007 to 2019. Twelve years have passed since a young Spanish skater named Javier Fernández made his debut in a European championship. Aimed high (as much or more as his jumps on the ice), and what were predictions became reality, because Javier Fernandez retires as one of the best skaters of recent times.

It all started in the Torwar Arena ice rink in Warsaw, Poland, January 24, 2007. The Poles were the first to meet the Madrid skater. His position, twenty-eighth, but the position was the least, it left sensations that announced that a promise of the skates was coming. From there, it would rise like foam to continue demonstrating that it came to win.

When he arrived in Zagreb for the first time, I had already been champion in Spain, but it would end up being seventeenth in this European. To emphasize that Bern, in 2011, was the only city where its result of the previous edition worsened (Tallinn 2010, where he was eighth, and in the Swiss city was ninth). Before, in Helsinki 2009, it had been seen that he was following his progression, remaining eleventh, and in Sheffield 2012, Javier Fernández licked the podium after finishing sixth.

The expected gold

It would not be until he returned to the capital of Croatia in 2013 when he would make his first European gold. With a total of 274.87 points, he managed to stay ahead of Frenchman Florent Amodio and Czech Michal Brezina. That same season, he entered the podium of the World Championship for the first time, finishing third (a little more than eighteen points from the Canadian Patrick Chan, champion in that edition). Subsequently, he will repeat the same people at the Budapest European Championships in 2014, Stockholm in 2015, Bratislava in 2016 (where he achieved his highest score, with 302.77 points), Ostrava in 2017 and Moscow in 2018. In addition. 2015 and 2016 were two special years for him, as he won his only two World Championships.

This afternoon, Javier Fernández has won his seventh European Championship in Minsk, capital of Belarus. "La Malagueña" of Paco de Lucía and Plácido Domingo was the last chosen for the short program, where he was third placed last Thursday. In today's free program, "The man of the spot", which caused him to overcome his position and stay first to get the gold and say goodbye in a big way.

Two-time World Champion and seven-time European Champion consecutivelya, in addition to eight times champion of Spain in the senior category (seven out of seven in their last participations) and another three in the junior category and a third place in the Olympic Winter Games of Pyeong Chang last 2018. A great track record for one of the most successful Spanish athletes.

In 2020, the European will be held in Graz, city of Austria. The first that houses this city located in the south of the Austrian country. The first to host Austria in this 21st century (the last was in Vienna in the year 2000). The first in which Javier Fernández will not be from his debut.


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